I Am Back!


Ha! So you thought I had abandoned the blog (well, to be honest, I kind of did). However, I am back, with several things to say.

Firstly, my excuse: College. Yep. I will be attending UCSD this Fall, and getting prepped for it has been craaaazy. Seriously, the amount of things you have to do to get into college is through the roof. I’ve been stuck by needles three times now with a fourth poke coming all for the sake of higher education.

Furthermore, my mom is out of the house in Singapore, so I have to help house-keep, and that is no easy task mind you. And also, I needed to recover after finals. I have been sick for around three weeks now and it is just now getting better, I think.

All that aside, I am glad to be back and writing, and I do need to update you guys on several things (so this is June’s reflection post).

Firstly, I will get back to posting Eternity on Fridays. Once again, all the crazy stuff threw me for a loop, and so I had to put a hold on that, but it will be happening once again! As for the other story that I hinted at before completely disappearing, that idea has evolved and birthed a new, and better idea that I am working on currently.

Also, I want to link my blog back up to my Twitter account. I used to post on my Twitter account whenever I posted on here, but I stopped after a while because I got lazy. Not anymore! Anybody interested can now find me on Twitter where I hope to post more regular updates on what I’m doing and how things are going.

For some personal updates, yes, I am attending the University of California San Diego this Fall, where I will be studying Mathematics-Computer Science in Sixth college. I plan to live on campus and I plan to work (hopefully) for the first time. I’m very excited about that. However, that will not be happening until August.

In more recent news, my girlfriend Anna will be coming to visit in two days. She’ll be staying for a couple of weeks, and I am very excited about that. So expect to see posts talking about that both here and on Twitter.

I think that’s pretty much all I have to say. I’ve got some projects that I’m working on currently, but those will have to stay a secret until they are in a more solid state. I hope to update you guys on them soon. I’d really like to make this blog more than it has been in the past.

Alright, that’s it for now.

Tours yruly


Wednesday Wonderings


So, because this Monday Meditations post is so late, I decided to re-title it. Hah. But, I do have excuses which I’m sure will keep me out of trouble for being so late to post it. =P

Last Friday, I flew out of California somewhere around 11:00 AM, I think? I cannot recall anymore. Ah well. It was my first time flying alone, which felt remarkably less exciting than it should have (maybe because I’ve flown so much in my life). I landed in Illinois where my girlfriend picked me up from the airport and took me to her house.

What was I doing in Illinois you ask, over some random weekend? Well, I was attending a wedding. Not mine, of course, but her sister’s wedding. In fact, from Friday to Sunday I experienced a lot of firsts. My first American wedding, my first big event without my parents, my first time helping to set up and take down a wedding, my first Nigerian food (the groom is from Nigeria), my first long train ride alone (that came before all the other “firsts.” I took the train to the airport), the list goes on.

Needless to say, it was a very exciting and exhausting weekend, and when I arrived home on Sunday at around 9:30 California time (11:30 Illinois time, which I had pretty much switched over to), I celebrated my mum’s birthday, because yes, the 12th is her birthday. That was certainly a fun night.

I pretty much spent the entirety of Monday recuperating before I went to school from 4:00 to 9:00, PM mind you. Thus I did not write this post on that day. Monday is probably the weakest point in my excuse, but hey, I’m not a robot. I do need my rest.

Unfortunately, what prevented me from writing yesterday was a lot less cheerful than what happened over the weekend. Yesterday, my girlfriend’s cat started throwing up. The poor thing threw up four or five times before being taken to the vet. There, they found that something was blocking its intestines, they suspected cloth or something else that it had eaten. It was going to need surgery.

Now, I kid you not when I said the situation was dire. Depending on the extent of the damage, because the intestine was starting to become constricted, the surgery cost was going to range from 1,600 to 3,000 dollars. Beyond that, at best the surgery had a 70% chance of success, and at its worst, it had a below 50% chance.

Needless to say, a lot of prayer happened yesterday and last night. Anna (my girlfriend for those of you who don’t already know) and I stayed up late into the night waiting for word about how the surgery was going. By God’s grace the surgery went well, and they did not have to go the complicated route. The cat is now back at home and she has survived, but she will need to recover.

So that was my exciting weekend which prevented me from writing. I suppose it’s not necessarily the best excuse you may have heard, but I certainly think it’s legitimate. And in excusing myself, I also did cover what happened in the previous week, which certainly fills out the journal portion of these posts. As for the meditation wondering part?

Well, let’s say that I wonder what I should be wondering about. Fair? Okay.

Tours yruly