Glass Heart

Glass Heart

A little poem I wrote for Easter. 🙂

The world is a dark place
People gave it a marred face
And though in it I have no part
It still shatters my glass heart

I stopped reading the news
Full of all its tainted views
All around me is disaster
Faces have turned to plaster

People have all lost hope
In the lack of light they grope
Grasping onto slivers of joy
But it’s all an evil ploy

Our savior we murdered
See you not why I’m burdened?
And because in it I have part
It has shattered my glass heart

Of course it’s moody. What did you expect from me? XP

Tours yruly




Hello everybody! Firstly, sorry for not getting this post out yesterday. I ran late with homework, and then was too tired to write, but I’m back today with yesterday’s post, and below I’ve transcribed something I wrote in English class yesterday. It was an in-class exercise where we were given several lines and just asked to write, and this is what I came up with. It’s made up off of some ideas I have running around in the back of my head, but that’s all I’m going to say for now. 

I couldn’t stay to take care of him. Duty called me forward. All our memories together, all the time we had spent side-by-side, training, I pushed it all away. I had to. Because I knew that if I didn’t, I would stay frozen, unable to move, caught in a decision I knew one day I would have to make.

For days I forced him to keep moving. We couldn’t stop. Death came from behind us, and nothing lay before us. He did not want to continue. He complained about his wound, but I knew. I knew he wanted me to carry on without him, that he was worried about slowing me down. I chose not to heed him.

They passed eyes at each other, knowing we were brothers. Our reputation preceded us. But oh how striking the difference now. Men who had seen death never were the same, but my brother’s eyes were not those of a man who had seen death. No. They were those of a man who had seen something so terrible that nothing else could exist. Nobody knew what had happened to him after I left him. Not even he.

He swore that he hated me, that he could never trust me again. I expected it. He couldn’t even recall our best times together, let alone our worst. I didn’t want him to recall. He had been through enough already. Why tell him of the tragic moment when he forced me to abandon him?

“I was at their mercy,” he said today. Before I could ask him what he meant, officers showed up and took him away. They claimed that because he remembered, they had to debrief him. They do not understand. My brother is a broken man.

That’s it. The first lines in each of those paragraphs were extracted from a poem we went over in class. It was a very interesting poem to say the least: 911, by Gil Cuadros. It contains some graphic language, which is just a forewarning in case you decide to go read it. Not exactly my style, but hey, it’s English class, what can you expect?

Tours yruly

The Seventh Prayer (Update 4)


Light is on my side
Light do not forsake me
In the darkness hide
Darkness that’s inside me

Breathe it from within
Exhale from without
This my smoke is kin
All shall fire out

– Author Unknown

Hello everybody! I’m back with another update post for you, where I confess quite truthfully what I have been up to this week in terms of writing. Firstly, I have to apologize for missing the post for Tuesday. Life simply caught up to me, and by the time I had the time to write, I no longer felt like writing, so there was no Tuesday post.

However, if you recall, last week I mentioned that I wanted to average 800 words a day up until today, right? Well, believe it or not, I actually succeeded. Progress has been great in the story, but it needs to speed up, and so right here and now, I’m setting our next goal at 900 words a day. But, I’ve also decided that I want to do something slightly different for this post. Rather than bore you with more numbers and vacuous updates, I’ve decided that I’d like to talk a bit more about Eternity and about what you can expect from it.

So far, the story has been a blast to write. It has allowed me to combine some of my greatest ideas and put them all into one place, and is pretty much my dream story. There’s lots of fun characters, whom I’m working to make more diverse and individualized, and its in a fantasy setting of my own creation with all kinds of room for special powers and it’s chock full of lore and history.

There’s politics, mystery, action, adventure, suspense, etc. I think the only thing I don’t really have in there right now is romance and horror. Kind of weird to put those two words in a sentence together.

I’ve also been working on incorporating some of the things I talked about in last Tuesday’s post. In fact, in the most recent chapter I wrote, I packed in a huge punch that I didn’t even see coming, which I’m hoping means you guys won’t see it coming either.

There are some things about it that I need to fix though. I feel like a lot of the descriptions are pretty flabby, and could do with tightening and more detail. That is one of personal weak points: a lack of proper description. Sure, I can tell you guys what I see, but I have a hard time trying to actually show you guys what I see, so I’ll have to work on that.

I’ll be honest. I’m slightly concerned that the deadline is in about sixty days, but hey, that’s part of the fun, and it will keep me from dragging on the editing and writing forever. I’m sure you guys will be more than ready for me to release Part 1 by then. Yes, just to remind anybody who forgot, I don’t plan to have the story finished by then. Just Part 1. With the size of the world I’m creating and the scope that I’ve included with the number of characters, this is going to have to be a multi-part story.

Anyway, I think I’ll have to end this update post here, but I won’t do it without sharing my progress with you guys first. We’re currently sitting right around 15,290 words, which combined with the words I wrote for this post and the last, averages right around 800 words a day. That is 3,580 words more than we had last week, and if we continue at this rate, we’ll be right around 48,000 words by the deadline, which is, again, somewhat behind schedule, especially since I plan to spend at least three days editing, but hey, it’s not bad. =P

Tours yruly

Don’t ask me why the image is someone holding a knife. Just imagine the possible scenarios… =P



I was inspired…

Two people told me to swim once, so swim I did.
Three others told me to dive once, so dive I did.
One person told me to float once, so float I did.
But one day I thought, why?
Why swim?
Why dive?
Why float?
There was no reason, so sink I did.
Then I heard a voice-
It called to me and gave me purpose.
So I swam
And dived
And floated
And I told everyone to do the same.
But they saw no reason in it, so sink they did.
This made me sorrowful, and I wept.
Then I realized I had purpose
And they did not
So I called.
I told them of the purpose-
They only had to believe.
Some did.
They swam
And dived
And floated.
But the others could not believe.
They wanted to rest
And to be left alone.
So they sank deeper,
And deeper.
And I saw them no more.

Tours yruly

Persecution — Ash Philosopher Kohl


The pen is mightier than the sword

Hey guys, this is a poem I wrote for my fantasy series Taker. I might or might not include it in the story. It’s essentially lore— the perspective of an Ash Philospher, Kohl, looking on as the Humans turn on each other. The English/Common Tongue version is below, followed by the original (written in actual Sythh, the language of the Ash).

Hiding from everyone in the world
Once welcomed, now a thing of old
Hunters chase relentlessly through the cold
Once valued, now betrayed and sold

Heroes turned into monsters
Veterans with no honors
Through hatred they grow stronger
With bitterness they conquer

One by one they kill each other
Brother turns against brother
Blood of one makes them seek another
One man kills the son of his mother

In their fear they created mutants
They destroyed with amusement
We should have been more prudent
For such are these Humans

– Translated by Anonymous

Ny, Thyr-osh-hy
Gyu-foya, Py



Scha Su-ohla

– Ash Philosopher Kohl, c. 608 A.E.E.

Tours yruly