Welcome to Rift Realms

The Rift

So, as a bit of a preface, I’ve been indulging the nerd-side of me in creating a D&D-esque game using Lego. Okay, I’ll be honest, it’s heavily based on D&D. XD You may be surprised to know, however, that I’ve never played D&D before. I’ve just been inspired. As a part of this creation process, I’ve been developing some races along with their attributes. Since I am a writer, I figured that it might be fun to go ahead and write some lore for these races.


Because someone needs to be boring.

Of the eight races in existence, Aerthspawn are the most common, and they live in subjugation to the Celestials in Zenith. One of the five Aerth-bound races, Aerthspawn are relatively content to live their lives peacefully, erecting cities and spreading out across Aerth. Of course, they live in constant fear of the Rifts and the Heralds that they  bring, but with the protection of the Celestials, they are relatively safe.


Beauty and wisdom incarnate.

When the first Rift brought Aalph into existence, it brought with it a new era. This era was one of death, bloodshed, glory, and honor. The Rift Heralds, terrible and destructive as they were, stood no chance against the power and immortality of Aalph. However, when he himself disappeared into a Rift, the legacy he left behind was murky and unclear. Immediately, division split Zenith in two, and as conflict begat conflict while Rift created Rift, the Realms dissipated into madness.


Centuries of compression have made them small…and strong.

The Deg are a hardy people, living their lives isolated from the other races. They also live their lives apart from each other, with no real communities to speak of. Reflecting the very nature of the Realm, they have no need to reproduce, as Rifts are their birthplace. They are not Rift Heralds, but instead their birth signifies the arrival of a Rift. The ground is seared in two, and from the smoke, new Deg always emerge. However, what follows their arrival, be it in two months or ten years, is always a terrible Rift.


Savage. Sometimes more savage than the Rift Heralds themselves.

Before the Rift Heralds came to be feared, stories of the Kavok are what Aerthspawn told their children to keep them from wandering. These stories, however, were mostly based on truth, and involved the violent and terrible deeds wrought by these creatures. Even though after the first Rift, most of them ceased preying on Aerthspawn to instead hunt the Heralds, there is still great animosity between the two races.


Ah. The perfect disguise.

Despite their name, Morphlings are not diminutive. Their origins are unknown, as they have lived among Aerthspawn for as long as anyone can remember. This is because of their uncanny ability to shapeshift. Nobody knows what they actually look like when in their natural form, since no one has seen them that way. In fact, for most people, this race is merely a myth.


Nature plagued us with Rifts; nature will give us a cure.

The Sharlocks have an innate bond with nature, where they come from. The northern wilderness of the Realms is their home, and they protect it fiercely. However, with the arrival of the Rifts, their tranquil weald was thrown into chaos, and they now frantically search for the solution in the nature they love so much.


Fear the cold touch of the wraiths.

Wraiths live in the Abyss, the space between Zenith and Aerth. Though they are not an especially aggressive race, fights between them and Celestials traveling between Aerth and Zenith are common, due to misunderstandings. Wraiths are also the possessors of the terrifying deathtouch, which can kill instantly, given the right circumstances. This has built them a reputation as the harbingers of death, though that notoriety dissipated somewhat after the first Rift.


Slow and mighty wins the battle.

Before the Celestials came, Elementals were the only race inhabiting Zenith, and they did not bother themselves at all with the affairs of Aerth. Even after the sudden arrival of the Celestials, they remained relatively unperturbed. That is in their nature, though, as Elementals are not known for brash decisions or speedy actions. What they are known for is the immense power that comes with each of their affiliations to a particular element.

That’s pretty much it. I had fun with this, as I do with all world-building exercises. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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