Why I shouldn’t indulge my randomness…

I spent the latter half of all of yesterday working on this picture and this video. If you’re curious why I made it, watch the video. XP

History Notecards Picture

I’m so weird XD

Basically this picture was made for a psychology assignment where we had to take a creative picture of ourself with our notecards. It started out as me wanting to make a picture of myself apparently standing on the notecards, so I did that, then realized our hands and face had to be included, and thus started a session of intense editing. =P

I know, it’s completely ridiculous, but I thought it would be a fun video to preview my new intro and promote my song, “Fortress.”

Tours yruly


Swing Photoshoot! =D

This is the followup post to the series of pictures I posted about my road trip. More specifically, this is the followup post to the last picture in that series, in which I promised you guys more pictures, so here they are. This was a shoot I did when Anna and I went out on a biking trip. She ended up hopping on a swing and I took some pictures of her. They’re not particularly brilliant, but we had fun, and I figured I may as well share that fun with you guys. Enjoy. 🙂

There'd been quite a bit of rain, so the grass was nice and green =)

There’d been quite a bit of rain, so the grass was nice and green =)

The above was a candid photo I took of Anna enjoying herself on the swing. It wasn’t a very involved playground area thingamabob. XP

Another wide angle shot with my bike in the background

Another wide angle shot with my bike in the background

The picture’s overexposed, I know guys, but I was working hard to keep up with her. =P You can actually also see the camera bag in the background, which, just as a fun fact,  you can also find in another one of the pictures I’ve posted on my blog.

She was kinda worried at first about me taking pictures XP

She was kinda worried at first about me taking pictures XP

Closeup! =D In terms of picture quality I really like this one (swing pictures are so much fun to do!). I’m honestly surprised how well it turned out.

Smile X)

All of these have her on the same side of the frame XP

What the caption said. =P Also, for some reason to me this really feels like it was airbrushed, even though I didn’t do anything of the sort. XP Idk.

Goofiness XD

Goofiness XD

And finally, to end with a little bit of fun, we have the above. =P I hope you enjoyed! =)

Tours yruly

Summer Snapshot

So, inspired by Sarah’s post over at her blog Reverie, I’ve decided to post my last batch of photos from this summer. Taken while I was away on my road trip, these span the time when we travelled from California to Illinois where I met Anna for the first time. By the way, if you missed the story on our relationship, you can check out parts one and two here and here. Enjoy. 🙂

“Petrified Log”

Yeah, sorry, no artsy name for this one. =P It was just a really cool petrified log I saw and decided to snap a quick photo of. I really like the depth in this one, and unlike most centered photos, I think the centrality works quite well, and if you are begging for some of the rule of thirds in there, I’m pretty sure that horizon line sits just around where that upper third would be. =P

“Road to Nowhere”

In the interest of continuing the same hot, dry theme, here is another picture, “Road to Nowhere.” Aside from being the cliché low-angle picture of a road, I think it looks okay, though everything is very desaturated and maybe bordering on over-exposed. Ah well, I’ll just say it adds to the feel. XD

“Man’s Best Friend”

“Enjoying the Heat”

Now, aside from the cliché (déjà vu anyone?) title on the first one and the possibility of a misnomer on the second, here we have a pair of complementary pictures of my wonderful parents. The dog is, of course, Pilot, whom you have all seen before, so she needs no further introduction.


Trio, I actually really like that word, possibly because it was the first word I used to say three without saying three y’know? Anyway, here are my three younger siblings, and yes, all the pictures you have seen came from the same area and the same day. =P So to break it up…



This final picture was taken July 6, two days after Anna and I met. 🙂 We were goofing around and I happened to take this picture. I’ll be following it up in a future post with some other pictures, but that’s it for now. I hope you guys enjoyed.

Tours yruly


These were some artsy pictures I took at my Clearlake camp. 🙂 Wow, I can’t believe I’ve had this blog up long enough that I’ve been to Two Clearlake camps. That’s just ridiculous.

Done for the Day

“Done for the Day”

They had a whole bunch of cool new stuff at the camp this year. This picture was taken after everyone had pulled everything up on the beach.

Flock of Birds


There were so many birds at Clearlake this year. It was ridiculous. =P

Little Soldier

“Little Soldier”

This was a poor little baby bird that got kicked out of the nest. It was the season where the baby birds were getting big enough and strong enough that they would kick the other ones out, and this lil fella survived– for a while.

Setting Sun

“Setting Sun”

More birds! =D

The Beach

“Glassy Waters”

I thought this was a cool picture of the glassy lake. 🙂

The Pier

“The Pier”

There were so many cool pictures at the lake. XP




I thought the repetition in this photo made it really nice.

That’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed these pictures. 🙂

Tours yruly

Pilot and Her Master

So… Here’s some pictures of my siblings and my sister’s dog taken from a trip we went on. Enjoy. 🙂

"I Wanna Play"

Yep, they like each other. XP

“I Wanna Play”

So, just for the fun of it, I’ve decided to give these pictures names. You can see the link for our caravan in the back there. The dog’s name is Pilot, in case you guys are curious.

First_RV_Camp - 39

I like beaches. They make good pictures. XP

“Strolling the Shoreline”

So, there’s my sister again, with Pilot up in front, being held by my brother. Pilot was really excited about the water. XP It was her first time at a beach.

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Just Some Pretty Pictures :)

And, here we go with some more pictures. This time we have a couple of them. Once again, enjoy them for what they are, use them for writing inspiration, or tell me I stink. Enjoy. 🙂

Nature is beautiful. :)

Nature is beautiful. 🙂

Hm. So, I’m not gonna name this one, just ’cause I don’t feel like naming things. XP Anyway, it was a picture I took a while ago on a trip, as is the next one.

Glorious isn't it?

Glorious isn’t it?

I love creation. I really do, and this kind of beauty just makes me appreciate the Creator behind all of it even more.

Tours yruly