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So, I began this week with the grand intention of posting two posts: A first chapter of a new story, and a review. Neither of those things happened. Why? Because my computer decided to kick up a big fuss that took me several days to fix. It crashed, a lot, and it also lost some of its system files, resulting in me having to reinstall Windows as well as reset some of my settings. Yeah. Not fun.

So, as a heads up, I will still do the review, but the chapter of the new story will have to wait while I get my computer life back in order. Sorry about that. :/

Oh, and also. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Yay! I’ll finally still-be-a-teen-but-eighteen! Feels strange. Old, even. ūüėõ

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Sorry about the lack of posting of Eternity chapters in the previous number of days that can be counted. That was a deliberately awkward sentence if you could not tell. Regardless, I did indeed miss posting the second chapter of Eternity last Friday, and only managed to post it today because of the two exams that I had (one this morning, and the other last night). Both were math exams, so I hope you can forgive my tardiness. However, the post is now up, and you can find it here.

Beyond that, I need to update the posting schedule widget on the left side of my blog, since it is now an outright liar about what is coming up next. Apart from¬†Eternity, I don’t have any real plans for anything regular (regular? *snicker snicker*) on my blog, but I may have another story coming out at irregular intervals soon. I have ideas, just need to get writing.

That’s pretty much it. Basically, sorry for my bad blog-behavior. And I really need an apologies category.

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I have weird thoughts sometimes, and one of the weird thoughts I have is that there really isn’t any point for me to try to get smarter, when there will always be someone else smarter than me. Now, of course, that sentence is false, but this is a frequently recurring thought that haunts me every time I hear about the latest prodigy or savant. It makes me wonder if there even is a point to my learning.

Now, of course there is, because if said prodigy or savant is going to create some multi-million dollar business, it’s not going to be uneducated blokes off the street that get hired. That being said, how can I really¬†contribute when any ideas I come up with have already been thought of by someone smarter than me.

I should be clear here. When I say contribute, I mean to come up with something new. Sure, I can sit in front of a computer all day and do what someone else tells me to do, but to me, that’s just being a robot (or a computer). That’s not contributing. What I mean by contributing is to have my own bright ideas, my own little gems that turn out to actually be good.

I know that somebody is going to say, “Maybe it just hasn’t been your day yet. You’re young, you have your whole life ahead of you to come up with a great idea.” And while I cannot dispute the validity of that statement, this thought feels quite vacant when I consider what everybody else has done. It’s just virtually impossible for me to come up with an original idea. Somebody else has already thought of it.

Maybe this is because of the surplus of knowledge in the world, but I would think that back when Newton (and the other guy, can’t remember his name. Leibniz I think) developed Calculus, they must’ve thought the world quite full of ideas. My guess is that I’m probably just not smart enough. Now, I’m not saying that I want to do something as crazy as invent Calculus, but I would like to feel like I’ve done something original, something that nobody else has done.

Now, other people might look at what I’ve said and tell me, “You just need to go to school more. You can’t come up with something original if you haven’t already learned what others have developed.” And, I would say, true, but then we run into the same problem again, where what I’m doing is not completely original, since it is based off of somebody else’s work. An example of this would be if I were to learn all that we knew about Math, and then create some obscure theorem to prove Goldbach’s conjecture. Firstly, that’s recreational math, with no benefit to the world whatsoever, and secondly, it’s based on Goldbach’s work in the first place.

This post probably isn’t making a lot of sense, and I know you guys must all be thinking, “What has Michael been up to with all these weird posts lately?” Maybe it’s because I’m writing them at night. I’ll try to write Thursday’s post in the morning and see what happens.

All that aside, I guess it’s food for thought. What do you guys think? Do you feel the same desire to contribute/create and come up with something of your own? Do you think my points are fair, or valid? Or are there arguments against what I’ve said? I’m honestly curious about your opinions, if you have any.

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Strife is used to cover sorrow, and anger to conceal hurt. Such is the nature of people. However, few realize that our world does the same. What then is the sorrow of our world? Why is it hurt? I fear that without answers to these questions, humankind might be no more.


Inconsistent Blogger Award.png

So… Where do I start… How about that amazing award that I totally did not throw together in five minutes? Yep. Believe it or not, I am back. In what might consider the most hectic time during the school semester (finals) I have returned.

Honestly, I have no idea how many of you out there even remember me or my blog, but if you do, I’m very glad that you’re still around. Now, the purpose of this post isn’t for me to once again apologize for being a terrible blogger, and then retreat back into my hidey hole never to post again.

Instead, I’m writing this post because I wanted to talk. I don’t really know¬†who I’m talking to per se, because like I said, most of you are probably gone, but for those who are here, I’d like to have a conversation.

You see, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking – a dangerous pastime, as many of you would know. And I’ve decided that I wanted to raise the bar for what I produce. This is in no small manner inspired by Brandon Sanderson and his series¬†The Stormlight Archive, an excellent series which I’m working my way through. The depth and detail with which he writes has floored me, and really inspired me to work harder at what I create.

Why am I telling you guys this? Well, it’s because the format of this blog is going to change slightly. I understand that in the past I used to have a “featured novel” which I would post chapters for as I wrote them, and that would be the main attraction on my blog. Well, I’m going to keep the “featured novel” part. But instead of posting chapters, I’ll post teasers and updates, journal posts to let you guys know where I’m at, and how our goals are doing.

I know this sounds very weird, and possibly kind of boring, but stick with me. I will post other stuff on occasion, because posting the same kind of thing can be quite mundane, but the reason I think this will work is because when I do reach my goal, then I’ll be able to release a chapter of the story every week, in a regular, episodic type fashion. And it will also have that level of quality I was aiming for, because I was able to go back when I needed to and change details in previous chapters.

Now, what story am I going to do this for? Well, it’s for a new novel I’m writing with the tentative working title of¬†Eternity. I know it feels like I’ve been starting a lot of writing projects and not finishing them, and to tell the truth, I have. So I apologize to anyone who was really enjoying those. Believe me, the spirit of those stories will be carried on in¬†Eternity, but unfortunately, the story lines will not.

After saying all that, I would like to get to the main point of this post, which was not about the new blog format as you guys might have thought. I said originally that I wanted to talk, and I do. I really would like to nurture a dialogue here on this blog. I enjoy having conversations with people, especially so with you guys, because I feel like I know you, even though I’ve never actually met you.

I would really like to start bringing life to the comments section. Just drop a few words on anything. It doesn’t even really have to be related to the post. You could talk about how you’re doing, or what you’re currently working on. You could even complain about school and how burdensome it is. Anything.

I don’t know if this will work, because 90% of it depends on you guys and how willing you are to actually talk with me, but if you are, I think we’ll really bring the spirit back into this blog. Now, I said 90%, so I’ll cover the 10% by starting the conversation.

Life’s been pretty tough for me of late. All my friends moved away this year because of college, so I’ve been left in the dump pretty much, and therefore have felt pretty lonely. Fortunately, I’ve made a couple of friends in school, so that’s not too bad. College itself hasn’t felt all that much different from high school to be honest. Except for the fact that I’m taking 21 credit hours of classes, which is always fun.

I’ve also applied for a tutoring position at my college, and I just took a test for it today. We’ll see how that turns out, because the last time I took this test, I thought I did great, but actually bombed it. I’ve also started drawing/painting on occasion. Here are some of my works:










Of course, there’s more I could talk about, but I want to ensure first that I don’t feel like I’m talking to a wall, so I’m gonna hang around and wait for someone to reply. If no one ever does, then hey I might or might not continue recording my experiences here on this blog. If they do though, then I will have succeeded.

I have also been taking a philosophy class, so don’t be weirded out if I abruptly post something that seems philosophical.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll catch you guys tomorrow. Or today, as it were.

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Because I am not faithful to Cold Hands…

A WIP map which I've made for my story

A WIP map which I’ve made for my story

I’ll admit it. I’m not a faithful writer.¬†XP¬†I’m four chapters from finishing¬†Cold Hands and I’m already plotting another featured novel to replace it. =P¬†Don’t worry, I’m not so bad as to not finish it before starting this new story, however I’ve been so excited about this new story that it’s¬†honestly choking my ability to write for¬†Cold Hands, so I’m hoping doing this post will help.¬†

Anyway, this post is for the “Beautiful Books” post at¬†paperfury.¬†Essentially I answer a bunch of questions about a WIP (in this case a planned WIP). And no, while this post is mostly for NaNo writers, I will not be doing NaNo this year just because six APs, two dual-enrollment courses, and two self-study courses is too heavy to work through and write for NaNo. Sorry guys =/ That’s it though, so enjoy!

PAPERFURYLet the questions begin!

  • How did you come up with the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea?

I’ve had this idea for a while now actually. Probably since completion of¬†chapter 18 of Cold Hands. Funnily enough, I actually came up with the idea after inspiration from my AP Psych class and a few YouTube videos. It then developed from there, especially upon watching a playthrough of The Witcher. Now I have thirteen fantasy novels all ready to read as “research” for my story. =P

  • Why are you excited to write this novel?

I’m super excited to write this novel because I’ve never actually finished a fantasy novel, and this is one with an idea that I’m soooooooo pumped¬†about, and that I feel actually merits finishing. I’ve even gone to the point of creating a wiki for it. Probably overkill, but having an encyclopedia-type thing does help with this kind of story with a world that I’m creating from scratch.

I like this picture. =P

I like this picture. =P

  • What is your novel about, and what is the title?

My novel follows the story of a mentally troubled Taker, a human mutated specially for assassination. The title is… Drumroll please…¬†Mental ‚Äď Cheridith Chronicles #1. Yes, I do plan on making it a series, as with¬†all (not actually all XD) my other stories.

  • Sum up your characters in one word each.

Blast… I don’t know all the characters that will be in the story. XP I’ll do the ones I¬†do know though:

1. Ryke ‚Äď Lost
2. Jayline ‚Äď Impetuous

And believe it or not that is seriously all the characters I have thought of. =P

  • Which character(s) do you think will be your favorite to write? Tell us about them!

Honestly, this might be ridiculous, but I’ll enjoy writing Ryke, my main character. This is because (I won’t let you guys in on too much) something is wrong with his head, and so he can be irrational, he gets to look at things differently, and he’ll probably have the most hilarious interactions. =P

I’m also kinda excited about the characters who surround him though, because they’ll all act as mirrors at various angles, reflecting his personality in different ways, and it will be cool to see how each of them reacts.

Always that one, key piece

Always that one, key piece

  • What is your protagonist’s goal, and what stands in the way?

In this story (at least at the current stage of my planning), Ryke just wishes to sort his life out. After suffering a severe¬†bout of amnesia, he awakes in an unknown land with unknown skills and unknown people. It doesn’t take him long to figure out his lust for killing, and he wrestles with it through the rest of the story.

  • Where is your novel set?

My novel is set in the world of Cheridith, and you can see a terrain map of it up there. I’m working on the political map right now. =P I’ll post it when I’m done, ’cause teasers. XD By the way, each of those little hexagons in the map has a diameter of fifty kilometers, to give you an idea of the scale. =P And yeah, most if not all of the map will be used in the story.

Silhouette stuff. How generic can I get? XP

Silhouette stuff. How generic can I get? XP

  • What is the most important relationship your character has?

His most important relationship is actually with Jayline, which is why she’s the only other character apart from Ryke that I have plans for. XP Through her he discovers a lot about himself, which helps him to come to terms with who and what he is.

  • How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel?

You know that word I used to describe Ryke? Lost? That changes by the end of the novel. =P

  • What themes are in your book? How do you want your readers to feel when the story is over?

Genre-wise, fantasy. However, the main theme behind the book is self-discovery and self-understanding. The book will also contain themes about standing up to the world when it cracks down on you for acting different. It also will cover things like love and relationships (of course. XP).

I want my readers to have thoroughly enjoyed the story. I want it to so entice them that they cannot put it down. And at the end of it I want them to want more. I want them to feel satisfied and hungry at the same time. But most of all, I want them to feel secure in themselves, because at its root this story tries to demonstrate that principle.



  • BONUS! Tell us your 3 best pieces of advice for others trying to write a book in a month.

Considering I did not actually finish, my ethos isn’t exactly the best is it? But, based on my failure, here’s my tips:

1. Make sure you have enough time.
2. Plan, plan, plan. Make sure it is¬†all¬†planned out so you’re never at a loss.
3. Know you’ll enjoy it. You need to know that you’re not going to get tired of your story, and that you can write for long stints at a go.

That’s it for this post guys. You can look forward to more teasers, but I really do need to finish¬†Cold Hands first don’t I? XP Hope you enjoyed.

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