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Welcome to the official homepage for the unique novel Mental. Here is where you will find the latest version of the fantasy adventure novel with info on what’s coming up next and what you can expect. The comments are open for discussion about the story, so feel free to head down there and speak up!

Latest Version

Mental v 1.1.4 <–Click me to download–>


Mental is an adult (click here to see my policy on adult content) fantasy-adventure novel in which you get to choose certain elements of the story. While the choices might not seem to make much of a difference, trust me, it all ties together in the end, so choose wisely!

Instructions for Use

Once you have downloaded the file, save it to wherever you’d like it on your computer. If you want, you can read the README, though it basically restates what I’m about to say.

To open the story, open the folder and double-click the “index.html” file. That will open the story up in your default browser. It has been tested with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Other browser types are not supported. Make sure to use the latest version of your browser.

NOTE: Internet Explorer will NOT work.

Once you have opened the story, you can navigate to the actual story portion through Chapters (on the left sidebar), or Compiled (on the right sidebar). Navigating to the first chapter through Chapters is recommended for the first time. Using Compiled on future visits will be faster (and will update you on the story).

You can close the story at any point, and all your progress will be saved. Even if you accidentally delete the folder, simply removing it from your trash bin will allow you to access the story again, with no loss of your information.



To update, simply download the latest version of the story, trash the entire folder containing the old version, and replace it with the new version. Open the “index.html” file in the new download and you’ll be all up-to-date!

Older versions

Mental v 1.1.3 <–Click me to download–>

Mental v 1.1.2 <–Click me to download–>

Resources Used

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Photoshop



…to all you guys for reading and supporting me! I hope to keep the updates coming and hopefully you’ll all enjoy the unique experience.

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Mental: Ailia: Digital Painting

Hey guys! So I went ahead and created the final piece based on the response you guys gave me to my last post. Thanks for all the feedback! Hope you enjoy. 🙂


Tell me what you think! And if you have time, why not check out the video I did of me painting it?

Thanks for checking this out!

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Mental: Character Concept Art: You Guys Vote!

Hey guys, so, I recently made a post about my upcoming novel: Mental – Cheridith Chronicles #1. Here is a follow-up post in which you guys help me design one of the characters: Ailia (formerly called Jayline (I changed her name XP)). Basically, the idea is simple. I have made three rough concepts for her, and I would like you guys to pick the two that you most like. That’s it! And based on what you guys pick, I will do a final drawing combining the top two designs, with maybe a bit of input from the third. Vote away! 🙂

The three different designs

The three different designs

Like I said, they’re very rough. =P


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Because I am not faithful to Cold Hands…

A WIP map which I've made for my story

A WIP map which I’ve made for my story

I’ll admit it. I’m not a faithful writer. XP I’m four chapters from finishing Cold Hands and I’m already plotting another featured novel to replace it. =P Don’t worry, I’m not so bad as to not finish it before starting this new story, however I’ve been so excited about this new story that it’s honestly choking my ability to write for Cold Hands, so I’m hoping doing this post will help. 

Anyway, this post is for the “Beautiful Books” post at paperfuryEssentially I answer a bunch of questions about a WIP (in this case a planned WIP). And no, while this post is mostly for NaNo writers, I will not be doing NaNo this year just because six APs, two dual-enrollment courses, and two self-study courses is too heavy to work through and write for NaNo. Sorry guys =/ That’s it though, so enjoy!

PAPERFURYLet the questions begin!

  • How did you come up with the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea?

I’ve had this idea for a while now actually. Probably since completion of chapter 18 of Cold Hands. Funnily enough, I actually came up with the idea after inspiration from my AP Psych class and a few YouTube videos. It then developed from there, especially upon watching a playthrough of The Witcher. Now I have thirteen fantasy novels all ready to read as “research” for my story. =P

  • Why are you excited to write this novel?

I’m super excited to write this novel because I’ve never actually finished a fantasy novel, and this is one with an idea that I’m soooooooo pumped about, and that I feel actually merits finishing. I’ve even gone to the point of creating a wiki for it. Probably overkill, but having an encyclopedia-type thing does help with this kind of story with a world that I’m creating from scratch.

I like this picture. =P

I like this picture. =P

  • What is your novel about, and what is the title?

My novel follows the story of a mentally troubled Taker, a human mutated specially for assassination. The title is… Drumroll please… Mental – Cheridith Chronicles #1. Yes, I do plan on making it a series, as with all (not actually all XD) my other stories.

  • Sum up your characters in one word each.

Blast… I don’t know all the characters that will be in the story. XP I’ll do the ones I do know though:

1. Ryke – Lost
2. Jayline – Impetuous

And believe it or not that is seriously all the characters I have thought of. =P

  • Which character(s) do you think will be your favorite to write? Tell us about them!

Honestly, this might be ridiculous, but I’ll enjoy writing Ryke, my main character. This is because (I won’t let you guys in on too much) something is wrong with his head, and so he can be irrational, he gets to look at things differently, and he’ll probably have the most hilarious interactions. =P

I’m also kinda excited about the characters who surround him though, because they’ll all act as mirrors at various angles, reflecting his personality in different ways, and it will be cool to see how each of them reacts.

Always that one, key piece

Always that one, key piece

  • What is your protagonist’s goal, and what stands in the way?

In this story (at least at the current stage of my planning), Ryke just wishes to sort his life out. After suffering a severe bout of amnesia, he awakes in an unknown land with unknown skills and unknown people. It doesn’t take him long to figure out his lust for killing, and he wrestles with it through the rest of the story.

  • Where is your novel set?

My novel is set in the world of Cheridith, and you can see a terrain map of it up there. I’m working on the political map right now. =P I’ll post it when I’m done, ’cause teasers. XD By the way, each of those little hexagons in the map has a diameter of fifty kilometers, to give you an idea of the scale. =P And yeah, most if not all of the map will be used in the story.

Silhouette stuff. How generic can I get? XP

Silhouette stuff. How generic can I get? XP

  • What is the most important relationship your character has?

His most important relationship is actually with Jayline, which is why she’s the only other character apart from Ryke that I have plans for. XP Through her he discovers a lot about himself, which helps him to come to terms with who and what he is.

  • How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel?

You know that word I used to describe Ryke? Lost? That changes by the end of the novel. =P

  • What themes are in your book? How do you want your readers to feel when the story is over?

Genre-wise, fantasy. However, the main theme behind the book is self-discovery and self-understanding. The book will also contain themes about standing up to the world when it cracks down on you for acting different. It also will cover things like love and relationships (of course. XP).

I want my readers to have thoroughly enjoyed the story. I want it to so entice them that they cannot put it down. And at the end of it I want them to want more. I want them to feel satisfied and hungry at the same time. But most of all, I want them to feel secure in themselves, because at its root this story tries to demonstrate that principle.



  • BONUS! Tell us your 3 best pieces of advice for others trying to write a book in a month.

Considering I did not actually finish, my ethos isn’t exactly the best is it? But, based on my failure, here’s my tips:

1. Make sure you have enough time.
2. Plan, plan, plan. Make sure it is all planned out so you’re never at a loss.
3. Know you’ll enjoy it. You need to know that you’re not going to get tired of your story, and that you can write for long stints at a go.

That’s it for this post guys. You can look forward to more teasers, but I really do need to finish Cold Hands first don’t I? XP Hope you enjoyed.

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