Flamelord Vin-Shylvia


There is going to be chaos… We must be prepared for the worst.

Hello and welcome to our first installment of Friday Funart! This, of course, is where I draw/paint a character from Eternity. In this case, I painted the Flamelord Vin-Shylvia of Vithr. I think the final result is alright. It’s obviously not stunning in its individual components, but I’m pleased with how it turned out overall.

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Mental: Ailia: Digital Painting

Hey guys! So I went ahead and created the final piece based on the response you guys gave me to my last post. Thanks for all the feedback! Hope you enjoy. 🙂


Tell me what you think! And if you have time, why not check out the video I did of me painting it?

Thanks for checking this out!

Tours  yruly


These were some artsy pictures I took at my Clearlake camp. 🙂 Wow, I can’t believe I’ve had this blog up long enough that I’ve been to Two Clearlake camps. That’s just ridiculous.

Done for the Day

“Done for the Day”

They had a whole bunch of cool new stuff at the camp this year. This picture was taken after everyone had pulled everything up on the beach.

Flock of Birds


There were so many birds at Clearlake this year. It was ridiculous. =P

Little Soldier

“Little Soldier”

This was a poor little baby bird that got kicked out of the nest. It was the season where the baby birds were getting big enough and strong enough that they would kick the other ones out, and this lil fella survived– for a while.

Setting Sun

“Setting Sun”

More birds! =D

The Beach

“Glassy Waters”

I thought this was a cool picture of the glassy lake. 🙂

The Pier

“The Pier”

There were so many cool pictures at the lake. XP




I thought the repetition in this photo made it really nice.

That’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed these pictures. 🙂

Tours yruly

Grim Reaper Thing



And, this is what I’ve been working on all day, and is why I haven’t posted anything else. XP (I haven’t actually been working on it all day, but y’know). Anyway, it’s a grim reaper thing that I drew and colored on low-quality paper, thus the apparently low-quality coloring. Maybe my coloring skills are deficient. I don’t know. XD That’s basically it. Feel free to stare, close the page, or eat macaroni. Tell me what you think in the comments!

Tours yruly

Looking at it now, I should’ve put some sort of drop shadow under him. Ah well.

Moar Writing Inspiration!

So, here’s some prompts for you guys to base writing off of. That was a confusing sentence. XP Idk, maybe you guys can write short stories or something about these. =P Also, yeah, I did take these- for once. XD

So, I thought this was cool, 'cause it looks- cool XP

So, I thought this was cool, ’cause it looks- cool XP


Might be a bit pretentious to call the above picture “Glory”, but I don’t know, the sort of blinding light, the way it’s almost burning through the trees, reminded me of glory.

Far As the Eye Can See

These are hills right by my house! =D

“Far As the Eye Can See”

So, this is a wide-angle landscape shot of some hills near my house. I got down really low to the ground so you can see the path lead off into the distance. I figured this almost represents a spirit of travel or something like that. Either way, I figured it was nice. 🙂

Another World

Almost looks like it came from the Hobbit…

“Another World”

Sooo…. This is a photo that I really like. It really does look like another world. The soft green complemented by the warm yellow and the flowing tones in the brook make it a really attractive picture I think.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this! Maybe you’ll write something based off of one of them? I don’t know. Either way, I’m out! =P

Tours yruly

Photoshoooooooot! (My two beautiful sisters)

So, recently (meaning just today =P) I did a photoshoot of my two sisters. I figured that I may as well show you guys the best photos, so here they are. Hope you like ’em. 🙂

There's the little one. :)

There’s the little one. 🙂

There's the older one XD

There’s the older one XD

There's them together. :D

There’s them together. 😀

So, random, I know, but, hey, if I do a photoshoot, I’m gonna share the best pictures with you guys. XP

Tours yruly