200 Words Challenge


Alright, so I’m not sure if you guys are aware of it, but I haven’t been writing as much as I used to. In a way, this is a good thing, because for a long time, I was very depressed and writing served as an escape. Since then I’ve grown much better and I don’t need this form of escape anymore, so that’s great. However, I still want to continue writing, since it was such a valuable part of my life and I do enjoy creating stories.

But, since there isn’t as much of a need for me to write any more, it has become easier and easier to be distracted by all the other things I love to do. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a polymath, and do a whole ton of things, from music, to gaming, to programming, to video making, to painting, etc. As you can imagine, add that to school and life, and you result in the equation of not enough time.

So I’ve decided to make it a challenge for myself. My goal is to write at the very least, 200 words a day, and if you guys saw the counter on the top right of my blog, that’s what this is all about. A few rules I’m going to set for myself are that these words are not allowed to be written for anything but my own personal enjoyment. That means writing for school doesn’t count.

Now, I know like this might seem like a modest goal, but I know myself, and I know my tendencies, especially when it comes to regularity. So that is why I’ll go with 200. If I write more, then hey, that’s great, and you’ll see it in the counter. If not, then at least I’m still writing. That’s the gist of it anyway.

I figured that I’d do an announcement of this for two reasons. Firstly, now that I’ve announced it to everybody on my blog, you guys can all keep me accountable. Secondly, if any of you are also finding this to be a problem, which I’m guessing it’s not for most of you, then you can also give it a shot.

That’s all I had to say on this. Let’s give it a go.

Tours yruly


4 thoughts on “200 Words Challenge

  1. I wouldn’t be so sure to say that most of us probably don’t have that problem XD I certainly do! I don’t think, however, that I’d be able to even write 200 words a day…probably something more like 10 🙂 I hope you manage to keep up with this goal!

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