It Has Been Awhile


Hello everybody, I’m back. It’s been a while since my last properly scheduled post, that is to say that it’s been a while since I posted this specific post: Truthful Thursdays. And yes, I do realize that I missed Tangent Tuesday this week, but unless you wanted to hear me blather on about cleaning my room over the weekend, you probably should be relieved that I didn’t write that. On the other hand, I realize that I’ve been keeping you guys in the dark about my progress on Eternity.

Sadly, the reason for that is that I haven’t made much progress on Eternity. As you guys saw in my last post, I’ve been having trouble being creative lately, and that includes writing for Eternity. I think part of it may be the fact that I just need to actually sit down and write, because part of it is undoubtedly the fault of my procrastination, but I also feel that it is more than that, as you guys will have seen in the previous post.

All that aside, let’s talk about what the plan is, since I haven’t made that much progress. First, the numbers:

Current word-count: 16,445 words

Current chapter-count: Chapter 11

Estimated percentage of story completed (for Part 1): 70%

That last number is why we still have hope for me successfully getting Part 1 out by the due date and having it be a completed product. The reason for the huge discrepancy in the percentage of the story I’ve completed and the word-count goal I had 16,000/50,000 is quite the discrepancy, is because the word-count goal was just something I set for myself to try and make myself write more, as well as to make myself flesh out my ideas more.

But I think it’s also a pretty good sign that we’re at this stage, because it means that I’ve been writing concisely rather than filling the story with a bunch of fluff, which I’m sure is the last thing you guys want to see from me. So, obviously we’re not going to be making the 50,000 word-count. That was ambitious to begin with, seeing as I never completed NaNoWriMo.

However, I am confident that we can finish the story for Part 1, and that I can get it edited and fixed up in time for the deadline. One thing I would like to set for myself as a goal is to have 15 or 20 chapters by the time I’m done, just because I like round numbers. I know that’s quite the gap, and I’m probably going to end up somewhere in between 15 and 20, because I wouldn’t have been satisfied with 15 and would not have written enough to reach 20, but I’m laying this out here so that I have some concrete goal to aim towards.

So, that’s your update post. Now you know what’s up, and hopefully now I can get back to writing as I was supposed to do.

Tours yruly

How do the Vith know where to attack? How do they know where our weaknesses are?

There must be an informant or a spy, no doubt.

Are you offering me spies?

No. I am offering you sight.


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