Time (Update 3)


Time is an illusion, a figment of our minds created to understand change, because we cannot conceive of change without time. But there is no change. Such things are discrete. There is yesterday, now, and tomorrow, but what happened yesterday will never change, what happens now will remain the same, and I posit that no matter what you think, that which happens tomorrow, is completely out of your control.

– Entry 86 in Shustyn’s Sojournings

So, this update post is two Thursdays late, but I have explained the delay, and so we will pretend that only one week has passed. As per usual, I will be completely upfront with you guys. These update posts are remarkably effective at getting me to write. It’s not that I don’t want to write. I enjoy writing. It’s just that writing happens to be so easy to put off, so keeping to a schedule is not the easiest thing in the world.

That being said, I did not make our goal of chapter nine. Unfortunately, I only reached chapter eight, which is quite the disappointment. I don’t have much of an excuse. I simply have been playing too many games and writing too little. I promise I’m going to do my best to write more in this coming week, and hopefully we will see some better progress, or I will not be able to meet our deadline.

Since it’s so late, I’m not going to bother with calculating out all the numbers. Suffice it to say, we are now at 11,710 words, which now that I look at what we were at before, is a very small increase. So, what I will do is set myself a goal to write a eight hundred words a day for this next week. This will include my posts on Monday and Tuesday, so it’s not all going to be devoted to Eternity, however, I think it will give us a good boost, and it is a manageable enough load (while I am still on break).

That’s it for now. I’m actually getting pretty tired. I was up at four this morning, so I have been up for a total of nineteen hours, and that is after getting six hours of sleep the night previously. So it’s probably best I got some rest. Sorry to disappoint anybody who was expecting more progress. I’m pretty disappointed myself (will we ever meet one of these goals? XP). But at least we have been making progress, which is more than can be said for some of the other projects I’ve under taken in the past.

Tours yruly


4 thoughts on “Time (Update 3)

  1. You’re being too hard on yourself! Disappointment won’t encourage you to write more, it’ll just make you drag your feet. You’ve got to stay positive 🙂
    That’s my “writing” advice, btw. Take it or leave it 😉
    Anna B.

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