Let Us Not Forget (Update 2)


Botha began to gather together various odd-looking bits of equipment, humming to himself all the while. Unconsciously, the inventor started mumbling the words to the song:

Let us not forget
Those darker times of old
Let us not forget
Strife reigned and chaos ruled

But we fear nothing
For time moves beside us
But we fear nothing
For fire burns within us

Let us not forget
When fire was lost in cold
Let us not forget
When time for life we sold

Botha could not remember who had taught him that song, but it was one he sung regularly. It made him feel important while he worked at trivial tasks, like investigating a naturally caused death. Swinging his haversack of gadgets onto his back, Botha swung his door wide open and cheerfully left the house.

Salutations and goodwill to everybody in this Christmas season! Welcome to the second update post for my novel Eternity. I guess I’ll just hit you guys with the bad news. I was unfortunately unable to make it to chapter 8. This, of course makes sense, as it was finals week (I still have one more exam tomorrow), and the goal was purposefully unrealistic.

The good news is that I did make a lot of progress. I finished chapter six (two more chapters than last time), and added a lot of extra background content that will occasionally have bits and pieces popping through in the main story. All in all, since last Thursday, I have written 3,061 words in total. So, as you can see, these are shorter chapters we are dealing with, but the story is progressing nicely along, and I think the shorter chapter format works.

So, to give you the numbers, our current word total is 10,208 words. Over the past seven days, I wrote an average of 437 words a day, and I finished two chapters in that time. We currently have 93 days left before the deadline, which if I continue with the average of 437 words a day, is an additional 40,668 words (and an additional 27 chapters), which would place me at 47,815 words in total (and 33 chapters). My goal is to have approximately 50,000 words by then (and 36 chapters), so I am a little behind schedule.

The good news is, now that I am practically done with school, I’ll be able to write more (ideally), and that should get me back on track. In terms of character updates, I have introduced 13 of 17 planned characters, but of that only 7 that have been introduced are main characters, so once again, don’t look at that number and think, “Michael, that is way too many characters.” Keep in mind this novel is going to be a long one, so I’ll need plenty of wriggle room in terms of characters without having to keep introducing a steady stream of them as the story continues.

That’s pretty much all I have for this update. My goal for next week is to have chapter 9 finished. Not pushing for too much here. Just a little extra work. I need to go and continue work on tomorrow’s picture now. Ideally that will turn out exactly the way I have it in mind. Ideally.

Tours yruly

Botha looked up at her and his eyes said it all: her father had been murdered.


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