Man of Honor (Update 1)


I have made some poor decisions in the past, yes?

They seemed best at the time.

How can I be a man of honor if I deliberately do things that hurt other people?

Sometimes others have to suffer for the greater good. If soldiers were not willing to give their lives for the cause, the whole country could fall to external invasions.

And if the people are not willing? What then?

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first update post as I continue to write Eternity. Here is where I tell you guys all about the progress I’ve made and what you can look forward to. I just finished chapter four last night, and have been working on creating some extra, background content for the rest of the story that will just help tie things together.

Currently, we are sitting at 7147 words in total for all the written content, which I don’t think is a bad number. However, I had been hoping to be done with chapter five by this update post. Since that is not the case, I’ll say it up front here that the goal for next Thursday is to have chapter eight finished. That way, we can continue to be ahead of schedule.

I’m also glad that I didn’t just start posting chapters the instant I wrote them like I used to do. I’ve had to go back several times now and make some pretty major edits to bring everything in line with the lore I’ve created and such. In fact, I think the lore is one of my favorite parts about writing this kind of story. I just enjoy making up history, myth, and legend, and then letting bits and pieces of that slip through the cracks.

I guess I could also update you guys on the characters I have in there. Currently I have introduced ten of fifteen planned characters, though more might be added as time goes on. I know that ten characters in four chapters (there’s also a prologue, so more like five chapters) might sound like a lot, but I’ve structured it in a way that related characters appear together, so really it’s only been about three-four groups, and in those groups, I only take the perspective of one of the characters involved, and I plan to stick with that for the majority of the book, so hopefully it won’t be too confusing.

Anyway, that’s it for this update post. I’m gonna go exercise now and then head out for physics! Yay…

Tours yruly


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