The Tree and the Rock


A wise man’s tale:

I wake up in an open plain, looking at the sky. When I stand I see a tree to the East and a rock to the West. The tree grows and grows, but the rock does not change. People come, and cut off some of the tree’s branches. More people come, and chip away part of the rock’s surface. As I watch, the tree continues to grow, but the rock does not. Once again, people come, and cut off some of the tree, and chip away part of the rock. The tree grows. The rock does not.

Then, from the north, I hear a terrible sound. Loud, and oppressive, it is the sound of a quickly moving fire, urged on by a strong wind. I watch as flames envelop the tree and the rock. I lie down to escape the heat. When I stand, I see a stump to the East and a rock to the West. The tree does not grow, and the rock does not change. People come, and they carry off the last of the rock.

Tell me, which fared better? The tree, or the rock?

Alright! That was an excerpt from a dialogue that happens in Eternity. Hopefully you guys found it interesting in interpretation. I’ll let you guys try and decipher what it means now, but it actually has quite a bit of context in the story.

Today is Tangent Tuesday! That is, I get to write whatever I want, pretty much, and it’s not constrained to any particular thing. However, I just wanted to talk about the crazy things that have been happening. For the past few days, our heater has stopped working, so, as you can imagine, the house has been freezing. It’s even hard to type. =P

Beyond that, I lost power to my room on Sunday and it was only fixed on Monday, so that was pretty wacky as well. I also was nearly unable to register for my classes over the weekend because the school servers were down for me and up for other people. Fortunately I managed to get in though, so that was alright.

Anyway, my question for you guys is, has anything weird, unusual, or crazy happened to you guys as we lead up to finals? If so, I’d be very interested to hear about them. =P

I think that’s gonna be it for this post. I don’t know how much longer my fingers can type in this cold, and I have to save some of it for school. =P

Tours yruly

…it is coming. See to the necessary preparations.


8 thoughts on “The Tree and the Rock

  1. I dunno, that’s a hard question. After the fire, I would have said ‘the rock’. But now that the rock has been carried of to who knows where, I might say the tree. The tree might still regrow if its roots are still intact…the rock will not 😛

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  2. Mm, finals. So far, so good over here, I guess. But I’ve got two finals over the next two days, both at 8 in the morning, so I’m wondering how awake my brain will be. X) It’s also been cold over here. My roommate and I finally figured out to leave our heater on 90 all day, and it’ll be fine.

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