The Assassin

The Assassin_01.png

“…he stared at the man in black. Darker than the clothes we wear, are we not?

Alright, so, the new day has properly dawned, and it’s time for me to explain a number of things that are happening on the blog. The sharp-eyed among you will notice that on the left and right sidebars there are two new presences. That is, I now have an event countdown and an upcoming events section. The upcoming events is both for you guys and for me to remember what I have planned and what I’d like to do for the blog, while the countdown is counting down to the official release date of Part 1 of Eternity.

Yes, I do have an official countdown for that. Right now, the goal for Eternity is two chapters a week. It sounds like a lot, but I’ve been able to write these chapters with quite a bit of speed, so we’ll see if I can keep up. That, then, according to the countdown, sets the release date for Part 1 sometime in March, which is something I think will work out quite well.

As for the events you see on the event calendar, I’ll explain each of them as they happen. I think they’ll be pretty self-explanatory once you see the first couple of posts though. There’s nothing particularly fancy about them.

I also plan to upload a lot more of my own art on this blog, as you can see above. That was a painting I threw together last night before tossing myself into bed. As you can see, I still need to learn how to properly paint smoke, and the other guy in the painting is almost entirely obscured. I think somehow my tired eyes were more able to distinguish him than my awake eyes.

This is indeed a painting from a scene in the story and the excerpt is an excerpt from the actual text in the scene. I’m not going to give any names or explain much more than that, as I’d like your imaginations to run wild, but I will tell you that the person featured in this painting is a main character in the story.

Also, I figure that I may as well give you guys a word count update at the end of each of these posts. Currently, my total word count is set right around 4346 words. Since in the nonexistent last update post, I had 0 words, I have made 100% progress (ignore the faulty math). Exciting, no?

Tours yruly


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