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So… Where do I start… How about that amazing award that I totally did not throw together in five minutes? Yep. Believe it or not, I am back. In what might consider the most hectic time during the school semester (finals) I have returned.

Honestly, I have no idea how many of you out there even remember me or my blog, but if you do, I’m very glad that you’re still around. Now, the purpose of this post isn’t for me to once again apologize for being a terrible blogger, and then retreat back into my hidey hole never to post again.

Instead, I’m writing this post because I wanted to talk. I don’t really know who I’m talking to per se, because like I said, most of you are probably gone, but for those who are here, I’d like to have a conversation.

You see, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking – a dangerous pastime, as many of you would know. And I’ve decided that I wanted to raise the bar for what I produce. This is in no small manner inspired by Brandon Sanderson and his series The Stormlight Archive, an excellent series which I’m working my way through. The depth and detail with which he writes has floored me, and really inspired me to work harder at what I create.

Why am I telling you guys this? Well, it’s because the format of this blog is going to change slightly. I understand that in the past I used to have a “featured novel” which I would post chapters for as I wrote them, and that would be the main attraction on my blog. Well, I’m going to keep the “featured novel” part. But instead of posting chapters, I’ll post teasers and updates, journal posts to let you guys know where I’m at, and how our goals are doing.

I know this sounds very weird, and possibly kind of boring, but stick with me. I will post other stuff on occasion, because posting the same kind of thing can be quite mundane, but the reason I think this will work is because when I do reach my goal, then I’ll be able to release a chapter of the story every week, in a regular, episodic type fashion. And it will also have that level of quality I was aiming for, because I was able to go back when I needed to and change details in previous chapters.

Now, what story am I going to do this for? Well, it’s for a new novel I’m writing with the tentative working title of Eternity. I know it feels like I’ve been starting a lot of writing projects and not finishing them, and to tell the truth, I have. So I apologize to anyone who was really enjoying those. Believe me, the spirit of those stories will be carried on in Eternity, but unfortunately, the story lines will not.

After saying all that, I would like to get to the main point of this post, which was not about the new blog format as you guys might have thought. I said originally that I wanted to talk, and I do. I really would like to nurture a dialogue here on this blog. I enjoy having conversations with people, especially so with you guys, because I feel like I know you, even though I’ve never actually met you.

I would really like to start bringing life to the comments section. Just drop a few words on anything. It doesn’t even really have to be related to the post. You could talk about how you’re doing, or what you’re currently working on. You could even complain about school and how burdensome it is. Anything.

I don’t know if this will work, because 90% of it depends on you guys and how willing you are to actually talk with me, but if you are, I think we’ll really bring the spirit back into this blog. Now, I said 90%, so I’ll cover the 10% by starting the conversation.

Life’s been pretty tough for me of late. All my friends moved away this year because of college, so I’ve been left in the dump pretty much, and therefore have felt pretty lonely. Fortunately, I’ve made a couple of friends in school, so that’s not too bad. College itself hasn’t felt all that much different from high school to be honest. Except for the fact that I’m taking 21 credit hours of classes, which is always fun.

I’ve also applied for a tutoring position at my college, and I just took a test for it today. We’ll see how that turns out, because the last time I took this test, I thought I did great, but actually bombed it. I’ve also started drawing/painting on occasion. Here are some of my works:










Of course, there’s more I could talk about, but I want to ensure first that I don’t feel like I’m talking to a wall, so I’m gonna hang around and wait for someone to reply. If no one ever does, then hey I might or might not continue recording my experiences here on this blog. If they do though, then I will have succeeded.

I have also been taking a philosophy class, so don’t be weirded out if I abruptly post something that seems philosophical.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll catch you guys tomorrow. Or today, as it were.

Tours yruly


36 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Hey! Glad to see you’re back. I like your idea about holding off on posting chapters until they’re finished in bulk. It’ll keep everyone hyped 😛
    And bravo for starting all this right before finals XD
    Anna B.

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  2. Well, hi again. I’ve also pretty much ditched my blog ever since college started. I’ve just been working on writing plays, and that seems kind of weird to post on a blog. But next quarter I’m taking an Imaginative Writing class, so maybe I’ll have decent stuff from that.

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  3. 21 credit hours? Good heavens, boy. xD *should probably also borrow the award but is too busy with school because yay projects coming due* Which totally explains why I’m on here right now…. =P Good to know you haven’t died of exhaustion yet, though!

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      • Yay. *increases voltage of the light bulb just in case*
        Well, I’ve got a paper due Monday at 10 and a revised annotated bibliography due then or Wednesday. I also have a collection of editing mistakes in news articles due Tuesday. Big things points-wise. Gah. So of course I went to a Christmas concert and an ice-skating outing (my first time on the ice) last night instead. xD

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        • Wow! That certainly sounds busy. *recalls the two chapters of Linear Algebra homework that are due* Sounds like you’re really in the writing path. Is that your major? The concert and ice-skating sounds fun. Unfortunately I don’t have outings like that to go to. XD


        • Yow, two chapters?! Good luck. xD Yup, I’m majoring in creative writing (though the paper’s for British Lit and the news thing’s for Copy Editing, a journalism class). The concert was storming amazing–go YouTube Lord of the Rings Johann de Meij and have a listen. The Christmas bit we tacked on at the end because Friday was all-things-Christmas day here. xD

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        • lol. Anything Lord of the Rings is amazing. =P The creative writing major sounds fun. Copy editing, not so much. XD I’ve had a brief encounter with that side of writing and did not particularly care for it. =P


        • Yeah, I’m doing the editing class mostly for resume-building…it’s looking like editing’s a good career field for a writer, and the more editing styles I learn, the better. The fun part is trying to keep it straight from Chicago, the style I use in my job two hours a weekday. xP

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        • lol, yeah. All the different formats really drive a person crazy. Editing is definitely a big field for writers, as is content writing. It certainly is good for your resume!

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  4. Oh yeah, and also, can I borrow your most inconsistent blogger award? I think I’m even more inconsistent than you 😛
    Also, I think your idea for the story is quite good. I think that with teasers, everybody will be awaiting your story eagerly 😀

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    • Go ahead! It wasn’t particularly difficult to make. =P I’m glad you like the idea for the story. I’m pretty excited about how it will turn out. I actually already have three and half chapters written, but more on that in another post.


      • Yeah. I’m still working on my painting skills. I’m better at drawing with a pencil and then shading in. I’m really not good with paints 😛 Have you tried pastels? they work really well for contrast and blending.

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        • I have tried pastels in the past. I would use them, except I think I’m not gentle enough. They always seem to break. Most of my art is done digitally now. No mess, no stress, and best of all, undo. XP But honestly, I find drawing with a pencil and paper easier than with a tablet and keyboard. =P

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        • Haha, my pastels are all snapped and there’s pastel dust everywhere in my room xD
          lol probably. I’ve never tried to do art on a computer…and undo is probably one of the best inventions in the world ;P

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