I was inspired…

Two people told me to swim once, so swim I did.
Three others told me to dive once, so dive I did.
One person told me to float once, so float I did.
But one day I thought, why?
Why swim?
Why dive?
Why float?
There was no reason, so sink I did.
Then I heard a voice-
It called to me and gave me purpose.
So I swam
And dived
And floated
And I told everyone to do the same.
But they saw no reason in it, so sink they did.
This made me sorrowful, and I wept.
Then I realized I had purpose
And they did not
So I called.
I told them of the purpose-
They only had to believe.
Some did.
They swam
And dived
And floated.
But the others could not believe.
They wanted to rest
And to be left alone.
So they sank deeper,
And deeper.
And I saw them no more.

Tours yruly


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