Thursday’s Word [Week 13]

And, week 13 has arrived! It’s been forever since I’ve down one of these posts, but hey, in keeping with the flurry of activity I had Tuesday, I should probably do another one right? =P Don’t worry, the fourth chapter of Taker is coming soon, I just need to finish it up. 

Week: 13
Word: Commiserate
Definition: “to express sadness or sympathy for someone who has experienced something unpleasant.” (Mirriam Webster)
Backstory: This is a word that I’ve seen all over the place in books, and I never quite knew its meaning, and when I finally happened upon it on, I realized that I had an entirely wrong meaning to it, so there you go. =P
Rank: 56,686*


You know something that always surprises me? How much more familiar I am with archaic words than I am with more “modern” words. I guess it goes to show the influences of reading historical fiction written by authors in the 1800s. XD

Tours yruly

*Note about rankings. They are taken from Wordcount. The larger the number, the more rarely the word has been used.


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Word [Week 13]

    • That’s cool. 🙂 It’s just me who isn’t up-to-date on “modern” words (if this even counts as modern XD). Never mind. I just looked it up and its first known use was 1594. XP I guess I just don’t know words. =P

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