Persecution — Ash Philosopher Kohl


The pen is mightier than the sword

Hey guys, this is a poem I wrote for my fantasy series Taker. I might or might not include it in the story. It’s essentially lore— the perspective of an Ash Philospher, Kohl, looking on as the Humans turn on each other. The English/Common Tongue version is below, followed by the original (written in actual Sythh, the language of the Ash).

Hiding from everyone in the world
Once welcomed, now a thing of old
Hunters chase relentlessly through the cold
Once valued, now betrayed and sold

Heroes turned into monsters
Veterans with no honors
Through hatred they grow stronger
With bitterness they conquer

One by one they kill each other
Brother turns against brother
Blood of one makes them seek another
One man kills the son of his mother

In their fear they created mutants
They destroyed with amusement
We should have been more prudent
For such are these Humans

– Translated by Anonymous

Ny, Thyr-osh-hy
Gyu-foya, Py



Scha Su-ohla

– Ash Philosopher Kohl, c. 608 A.E.E.

Tours yruly


8 thoughts on “Persecution — Ash Philosopher Kohl

  1. Great idea! Language and lore can certainly add depth to a world and culture. As far as linguistics things go, though, it must be a very dense and specific language to say all that in like two words per line. And it’s rather handy/coincidental that both the English and the Sythh versions rhyme. Usually translations don’t work that way. I’m not an expert, of course, just some thoughts. =)

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    • Glad you like the idea! It is a remarkably dense language. It actually essentially has no nouns or pronouns. The only thing that comes close to it in this is the word Scha which is kind of a ‘placeholder’ noun used to indicate a shift in subject, in this case an implied “we”. Typically when this language is spoken, hand-signs are used to augment it, thus the lack of nouns. As for them both rhyming, the English translation is rather “liberal” in its interpretation. =P If it was translated word-for-word it would look very different. Thanks for your thoughts! 🙂


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