Tuesday’s Song [Week 16]

Well then, one day overdue. What is this evil? Sorry. XP I’ve just been super busy with school and it’s been very difficult to find time to write. Not to mention that I’ve been working on getting a new computer organized (I’m gonna build it, so yay! But a lot of details…). Anyway, this week we got a vote of “dark” from you guys. Actually, you gave me another one of those dastardly three-way ties between happy, dark, and nostalgic. So, knowing who I am, can you blame me for adding my vote under “dark” as a tiebreaker? XD Anyway, enjoy.

Week: 16
Song name: Signs of the Apocalypse
Artist: Varien
Song theme: Mysterious, dark, eerie, chill

So, I realize it may seem like I am a super big fan of Varien, but it’s only just ’cause his songs tend to fit the themes of this so well. XP Anyway, hopefully we’ll vary it up for next week. As for this, well, I kind of like this song. Listen to it, and you’ll see why. It’s very— subtle.


Poll (What sort of song theme would you like next week?)

If you guys put something in the “other” section, tell me what it is in the comments, and if I like it, I’ll add it to next week’s poll.

Tours yruly


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Song [Week 16]

  1. You should stop Varien and try to Varyit ;P
    Anyway, this was a cool song. Seemed like a really neat RPG soundtrack or sci-fi/apocalypse movie soundtrack. Maybe I’ll get my vote chosen for the next one! (hint, it’s somewhat more lighthearted than this week’s theme)
    Anna B.

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