Thursday’s Word [Week 12]

And, week 12 has arrived! Well, it’s not technically the twelfth week of this series, but hey, it’s free education. You can’t complain if I miss a few lessons. XP Anyway, this week we learn the educated way to denigrate your fellow man. =P

Week: 12
Word: Asinine
Definition: “extremely stupid or foolish.” (New Oxford American Dictionary)
Backstory: I actually heard this in a YouTube video I was watching, and was then reminded of it while playing around on, so here you guys go. A better way to insult people! =P
Rank: 81473*


I’m actually surprised that this word is less commonly used than amanuensis, which was the word we had starring in the previous post. Huh. The more you know.

Tours yruly

*Note about rankings. They are taken from Wordcount. The larger the number, the more rarely the word has been used.


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