Don't get it yet? *sigh* I did a bad job didn't I?

Don’t get it yet? *sigh* I did a bad job didn’t I?

This was an experimental poem. The first I’ve ever done of it’s kind. I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide how successful I was. If you see it, go ahead and tell me. If not, tell me that too, and I can embarrassedly explain what it is. XP Apart from that, enjoy 🙂

See, hear, speak… . .  .
Young, and yet body creaks
Healthy, but sans three senses
Seeing life through many lenses
Only one perspective matters
Time wrote many new chapters
Bodies aching for the absent touch
Keeping silent; voicing it is too much
Smells makes tears in our eyes
Empty walls ignore our cries
A thousand pixels are her face
Wanting another place
Time travels forward…
We move backward
Looking to cure the ache
Ignoring our tears’ bleak lake

Tours yruly


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