Meeting Someone I Knew

This is actually from a really cute short film called "Signs"

This is actually from a really cute short film called “Signs”

So, real quick, this is a short little storyling descriptive thing I did for College Comp. It’s about when I first saw Anna in person. I know, I know, there’s been a whole bunch of stuff about Anna recently, and I promise this blog isn’t gonna turn into a lovey-dovey mess of stuff, but the other posts I’m working on are fairly lengthy projects, and I don’t have a lot of time for much more than school assignments. However, rest assured I am working on actually finishing Cold Hands, you should see updates about that soon. Until then, enjoy. 🙂

Nobody can truly describe the overwhelming moment which I have undertaken to describe: that of seeing someone for the first time. More specifically I mean seeing for the first time, in person, the girl I had dated for over eight months. Nothing will ever compare to those magical few minutes of July 4, 2015.

Our tryst occurred in the heat of the day at a public, unromantic locale. Summer’s warm sun beat down remorselessly, making everything and everyone uncomfortably hot. All the clouds had fled, abandoning our skin to the tender mercies of the scorching dryness. Even the breaths I took smelled like roast air. Behind me an irregular row of caravans, RVs, and other recreational vehicles stretched out, their air conditioners humming at various pitches as they strove to combat the forces of nature. To my right extended the gravel road providing access to each of the aforementioned mobile homes. It continued a little further to my left before turning right, looping around a playground, and disappearing into the distance. What might have appeared to the casual observer as a nondescript car sat complacently on the gravel, and from it, my girlfriend approached me.

My heart echoed with one word: Anna. At that moment I knew every single video call had lied to me; in person Anna had no equal. Her golden brown curls gleamed in the sunlight, but, if one could consider such a feat possible, her beaming smile shone more. She wore a sleeveless denim jacket over a gray shirt with simple but pretty design, and jean shorts to match. But her beautiful blue eyes, just as they had the very first time I saw her, captivated me most of all. In that snapshot of time I did not hear the noisy caravans, did not smell the trash bin, and did not feel the hot sun, because in that snapshot of time, Anna solely occupied my world.

That moment with all its ironies and magic brought me joy unfathomable, and with its end came the beginning of an adventure, one I could never have predicted. But then again, life enjoys its unexpected twists and turns, and I will hold my meeting with Anna, another unforeseen twist of life, in my heart forever.

Tours yruly


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