Two years…

2nd Year Anniversary!

And so guys, we have arrived, at the second anniversary of the blog M3L6H! =D I cannot believe my blog has been out for two years. As such, I feel it is appropriate to review my blog’s statistics. =P

In the year of 2015, I received 1979 views, 578 visitors, 622 likes, and 543 comments.

The country my blog was most popular in was the United States, with 1748 views. This was then followed by:

Singapore – 100 views
Romania – 30 views
Egypt – 9 views
Brazil – 9 views
Australia – 8 views
United Kingdom – 7 views
Canada – 4 views
Bahrain – 3 views
Nigeria – 3 views

My most popular post was Heartless– Cold Hands, Chapter 14 – “Wounded Memories” with 50 views, and following close on its heels, at 49 views, is the post “Aaaaand the Big Reveal 🙂“. “Guys and Girls – Sixth Journal Entry” took third place at 37 views.

My most popular day is Thursday where I get 30% of my views. My most popular hour is 10:00 AM PST where I get 9% of my views.

My all-time records are as follows:

Posts: 353 + 1 (because of this one)

Views: 4,270

Visitors: 975

Best views ever: 105 on June 2, 2015

And to round it off, with a dedication to my faithful followers, my top five commentors are as follows (excluding me because I’m top with 501 comments):

Anna @AMBient – 243

Grace @Firefly – 37

Sarah @Reverie – 36

Valari @Imagination – 27

Victoria @A Gathering of Dreams – 19

And that’s it for this post! Thank you guys so much for sticking with me through it all, and I look forward to another great year. =)

Tours yruly


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