Summer Snapshot

So, inspired by Sarah’s post over at her blog Reverie, I’ve decided to post my last batch of photos from this summer. Taken while I was away on my road trip, these span the time when we travelled from California to Illinois where I met Anna for the first time. By the way, if you missed the story on our relationship, you can check out parts one and two here and here. Enjoy. 🙂

“Petrified Log”

Yeah, sorry, no artsy name for this one. =P It was just a really cool petrified log I saw and decided to snap a quick photo of. I really like the depth in this one, and unlike most centered photos, I think the centrality works quite well, and if you are begging for some of the rule of thirds in there, I’m pretty sure that horizon line sits just around where that upper third would be. =P

“Road to Nowhere”

In the interest of continuing the same hot, dry theme, here is another picture, “Road to Nowhere.” Aside from being the cliché low-angle picture of a road, I think it looks okay, though everything is very desaturated and maybe bordering on over-exposed. Ah well, I’ll just say it adds to the feel. XD

“Man’s Best Friend”

“Enjoying the Heat”

Now, aside from the cliché (déjà vu anyone?) title on the first one and the possibility of a misnomer on the second, here we have a pair of complementary pictures of my wonderful parents. The dog is, of course, Pilot, whom you have all seen before, so she needs no further introduction.


Trio, I actually really like that word, possibly because it was the first word I used to say three without saying three y’know? Anyway, here are my three younger siblings, and yes, all the pictures you have seen came from the same area and the same day. =P So to break it up…



This final picture was taken July 6, two days after Anna and I met. 🙂 We were goofing around and I happened to take this picture. I’ll be following it up in a future post with some other pictures, but that’s it for now. I hope you guys enjoyed.

Tours yruly


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