Living Target


Warning: This is a depressing and cynical poem with a very dark undertone. If this will disturb or in any way upset you, I highly recommend you do not read on.

For those that have read on, this is a poem I wrote for Cold Hands. Yes, believe it or not, this does pertain to the story of Cold Hands. Also don’t trust first appearances. I know what it might appear to be talking about, but that might not necessarily be the case. Study the meter and determine for yourself.

I’m a living target that you can fire at
Cut me up to bits and burn me
All your words and fear don’t hurt me
If you need to hit me, I’m here for you to get
Come and slice me up any day
I am the victim anyway

Touch my beating heart with your stone cold hands
Freeze my soul with your icy eyes
Fool my mind with your tempting lies
Break my iron will with your arms of steel
Crush my spirit under your stride
Kill the person that lives inside

Tours yruly


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