Thursday’s Word [Week 10]

And here we are FINALLY (XD) with the tenth installment of this series. Finally at two digits. That’s nice. If you’re wondering what in the world happened to me, you can take a look at this post here, and the one that it will eventually link to. =P I’ve also been using a lot of emphasis in this blurb. Anyway, let’s get to the word. XP

Week: 10
Word: Rolodex
Definition: “a desktop card index used to record names, addresses, and telephone numbers, in the form of a rotating spindle or a small tray to which removable cards are attached; a person’s list of business contacts and friends.” (New Oxford American Dictionary)
Backstory: I honestly kind of feel that this is more of an embarrassment to me than an actual educational/helpful post, since I realized that while I had no clue what rolodex means, a bunch of other people do, and after looking up its meaning in the dictionary, I realized it’s North American, which might be why I had no clue what it meant. So, probably all you Americans will get it, but maybe you won’t, I don’t know. Also, since this is the backstory section, I actually had this word mentioned by artist Mark Crilley in a video on his Youtube channel. He actually does some pretty cool stuff, so check him out if you want.

Ohh.... Now that I've seen it... I never realized This was a rolodex XP

Ohh…. Now that I’ve seen it… I never realized this was called a rolodex XP

Yeah. Now that I’ve seen the pictures… You guys are totally all gonna know this word, and I’ll truly have showed my ignorance. XP (I should really do my research before I make these posts…)

Tours yruly


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