Looks warm enough =P

Getting back to the old posting routine guys! =D

Home is where the heart is.
The heart ought to be filled with bliss,
Joy’s touch like the sunlight’s kiss.
But what if the rays miss?

Front door always opened wide,
But the entrance is on the opposite side.
Rooms filled with secrets to hide,
Yet they’re so empty that I’m terrified.

Fingers clutch the key to the gate,
But it’s too late.
Thanks to cruel chance and foul fate,
The lock didn’t wait.

Clear summer sky painted dark grey.
Every night cold in bed I lay.
If home be where the heart doth stay,
Then my home lives two thousand miles away.

This poem was more of a free verse one, so it doesn’t exactly have a proper meter, but I hope you guys enjoyed despite that. 🙂

Tours yruly


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