Aaaaand… The Big Reveal :)

So I’ve mentioned a couple times now that I have a girlfriend, and for those who checked out my Twitter feed in the short time that I’ve publicized it would see that I’m in an LDR, or long distance relationship. And this Summer, while away deserting you guys (sorry!) on a road trip, for the first time I finally met the girl I’ve been dating for eight months then, nine and a half months now, and– her name is Anna.

To be more specific, she is the same person as the blogger behind the blog I’ve featured a couple of times, AMBient. I was really excited when I learnt, while planning with my family for this road trip, that we would be going through Illinois where she lives. Quick arrangements were made, and after meeting each other on July 4th (how cool is that?) and being witness to a fireworks display, I ended up spending nine days at her house, before both of us were picked up by my family on their return trip. We travelled together to Utah, where she then flew home, and I wended my way back here to California.

So… That was exciting. And that was an understatement. I’m not quite sure how to express in words how amazing an experience it was for me to spend this much time with her in person. For anyone out there who has been or is in an LDR, you know what I mean when I say that meeting in person for the first time is the most amazing event that could possibly happen. And for those in an LDR that haven’t met, don’t be discouraged. Stay strong. You guys’ll get together one day.

Anyway, now that I’ve spilled out three paragraphs of jumbled information, let me give you a jumbled collection of pictures, just to show you guys the fun we had without you. XP I’m just kidding! Come back! I do actually wanna share pictures with you though.

A cool picture we took

A cool picture we took

This was a neat picture we took while she came with me and my family back on our return trip. We had stopped by a restored 1880s town. It was pretty cool.

Stopped by this iconic monument

Stopped by this iconic monument

This was further along on our return trip. We made a brief stop by Crazy Horse Memorial and here is a picture of us with it in the background.

Ice cream at Mt. Rushmore

Ice cream at Mt. Rushmore

We shared a giant ice cream at Mt. Rushmore. It was hot there.

This was a nice picture

This was a nice picture

And, to finish it, this was a picture we took while in Yellowstone National Park.

So yeah, I’m in an LDR with the beautiful Anna, and now that you guys know, we can post all kinds of lovey-dovey stuff and that kind of thing. Just kidding. XP Still though, now you’ll be able to excuse some of the liberties she takes with her comments. =P

That’s it. Ciao!

Tours yruly


11 thoughts on “Aaaaand… The Big Reveal :)

  1. Ah, and it’s finally out X) can’t say this surprised me, cuz I helped you choose pictures XD
    Oh, and for the rest of you, you’ll find I’m wearing pretty matching necklace and earrings in the ice cream picture. He bought those for me, isn’t he so sweet?? X)
    Yep. Lotsa lovey-dovey things to come 😉
    Anna B.


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