Tuesday’s Song [Week 9]

Tuesday’s song (or should I say Wednesday’s song XP) is back. This is week 9, and you guys chose nostalgic as the genre. For those who don’t know, Tuesday’s song is a weekly post series in which I post a song fitting to a genre of you guys’ pick the previous week. You can listen to this song for inspiration, while you’re writing, or just for enjoyment. It’s all up to you. Enjoy. 🙂

Week: 9
Song name: Free My World
Artist: Direct
Song theme: Nostalgic, chilled, relaxing, melodic.

This is another old song from my playlist. =P Old as in it’s one of the earliest ones to go on there, not necessarily that the song is old, though I do have some older songs. It’s dubstep, most of the songs I listen to are, but of a different cut entirely. I personally like it a lot. It’s kind of relaxing, and to my mind, fits the bill of nostalgic. I hope you guys like it as much as I do. 🙂


Poll (What sort of song theme would you like next week?)

If you guys put something in the “other” section, tell me what it is in the comments, and if I like it, I’ll add it to next week’s poll.

Tours yruly


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