Three Seconds – Description

It explodes....y'know?

It explodes….y’know?

Here’s a short descriptive piece of writing I did for Advanced Composition. We were supposed to describe a scene without letting any kind of action interfere. We also had to go in a certain order. (ex. Top to bottom, left to right, etc.) Also, sorry about no posts yesterday. I got caught up in life and stuff. I don’t think I’ll try to catch up with them, because I’ve got a lot of content I want to post today. Anyway, enjoy.

Above the battle, the sky has turned a forbidding gray. Lightning sizzles, but no rain falls. It would appear perfectly normal if not for the different sized dots scattered across the expansive plains below. Big dots turn into tanks and armored cars while small dots transform into soldiers and paramedics. Flashes of light mark out hidden snipers. Flying dirt pinpoints the landing place of hollow-point bullets.

Deep in the trenches a helmeted soldier stands, keen, blue eyes sighting along the barrel of his automatic rifle. Frown lines crease his brow and the corners of his eyes in an attitude of concentration. His uniform bears the name Sgt. Cochran in faded letters. Into the neck of his shirt, the chain of his dog-tag leads. Mud-splattered straps attached to his backpack cover the even dirtier shirt. On his hip a small sidearm attached to a tightly cinched belt rests. Pants splotched with camouflage flow down into black combat boots. Between his slightly parted feet, a grenade, lacking its pin, waits silently.

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