Recommendations – Auntie – Chapter 1: Door

Ok, so here’s another first chapter from a WIP novel. I really like the writing style with this one. It’s sort a mix of abstract combined with suspense and tension. The genre is probably psychological horror, though really I enjoy it for its air of mystery. It is take two of a story that the author, Anna, started writing in the past, and I must say having read both takes, take two is a lot nicer. Anyway, go check it out, and I hope you guys like it as much as I do. 🙂


Well, here’s Take II of my long-abandoned NaNoWriMo project from last November. This time I’m trying in earnest to actually finish and produce something worth reading. For those who never touched Take I, Auntie is a horror story, but in a subtle fashion, so I’ll leave it up to your taste to decide if it’s for you. Enjoy!

Carefully, she undid the Velcro of her sandals and slid them from her soft, narrow feet. Stooping ceremoniously, she laid the pair evenly at the threshold, then turned to face off with the tall set of mahogany doors.

Felicia Winters started when a tall figure swept by her side, turning the shiny, brass knob without delay. The shadows swallowed Mr. Winters as a draft of old smell released into Felicia’s nostrils. The reek heightened her nerves. She clenched and unclenched her fists before stepping in after her father.

The light streamed in…

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