Strong as Death, Fierce as the Grave – Flame of the Lord

Underexposed. Confoundit photography class

Underexposed. Confoundit photography class

This is a short little piece I wrote for Advanced Composition on love. (I seem obsessed with love don’t I?) Anyway, I like it, and I thought you guys might too. Also, if you’re curious, the title comes from Song of Solomon. I thought it was fitting. Enjoy. 🙂

No two things oppose each other quite like a man and woman. Of opposite gender, differing roles, separate strengths and weaknesses, yet drawn impossibly close by the strange thing called love. No relationship quite matches the intimacy a husband and wife share. Two people so truly intertwined that despite their individual existences, the Bible calls them one. No power can hold two people with separate experiences, disparate upbringings and lives, and contrasting methods of thought together with a temerity the tidal waves of life cannot overwhelm. Save one. Love has a power incomprehensible by any person. Able to span even distance, breaking the barrier of never having met, love can join two people even if they live thousands of miles apart. It does the impossible. None can explain this part of human nature, so much more than a feeling, dwelling in everyone. Designed specifically to create connections between the caverns which divide the creatures of Mars and Venus, love crosses boundaries nothing else can.

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