A Sad State of Things – Replacement for Friday’s Journal

That's a twist. Now we have ugly ducklings

That’s a twist. Now we have ugly ducklings

So, this is a replacement for Friday’s journal because I wrote that on Wednesday. You can find it over here. This post is just me being moody and cynical and grumpy. XP Anyway, I just wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk about how sometimes I get disappointed when the things I put a lot of effort into get ignored while the things that I put very little effort into get a bunch of views and likes. I honestly don’t know why that’s the case. =P But it bugs me quite a lot actually. I don’t really know what the point of this post is. Maybe just me being sad, but yeah.

I don’t really have a solution to propose, and I’m not necessarily saying anything should change. I was just wondering why it seems the stuff that I put my heart into gets ignored while the things I just throw out without a second thought get all the attention. Maybe it’s cause people don’t like what’s in my heart. XD I really don’t know why I’m writing this or posting this. I’m probably depressed. =P Anyway, I may as well do some announcement stuff.

Chapter 6 for Right Behind You is coming out soon. I’m nearly two thirds of the way through with writing it. You should see it out on Monday. And Chapter 17 for Cold Hands should be out on Wednesday. I might also sneak a chapter of The Storyteller somewhere in there. And another thing. I’ve got this idea for this new special series that might come out. So teasers for that I guess. I’ll be uploading a short story as another teaser for it soon, as well as seeing if you guys like it. That’s it. Useless post. I’m out.

Tours yruly


2 thoughts on “A Sad State of Things – Replacement for Friday’s Journal

  1. I know what you mean, sometimes I feel the same. :/ So I kind of think of it as the people who didn’t take the time to read/look at my hard work didn’t deserve the privilege. Sometimes that helps 😛


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