Tuesday’s Song [Week 8]

And now is the time for yet another Tuesday’s Song. This is a series in which you guys pick a genre, and every Tuesday I feature a song of that genre for you guys to listen to, or for writing inspiration, or just to find new music. This week you guys chose action, and for me, that is one of the hardest to choose because I have so many different action songs. However, I think I went with one that you guys will enjoy. 🙂

Week: 8
Song name: One For All, All For One
Artist: Razihel & Virtual Riot
Song theme: Melodic, action, epic, feel-good, pumping, suspenseful, fast-paced.

Okay, so at first I had a whole list of songs, but when I came across this old favorite, I couldn’t resist putting it up here. Make sure you listen to the entire song, because the last drop/climax/chorus/whateveryouwanttocallit is really the best. The entire song is action in my opinion since I can very well imagine an action scene in a movie happening with this playing in the background, so I hope you guys like it.


Poll (What sort of song theme would you like next week?)

If you guys put something in the “other” section, tell me what it is in the comments, and if I like it, I’ll add it to next week’s poll.

Tours yruly


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Song [Week 8]

  1. I’ve just gotta say, I absolutely love this song now (even though the beginning reminds me of old video games I used to play which haunt me now). 😀


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