Recommendations – NP1: Your Typical Opening (SAMMYJNICKS)

Sorry for the lateness of this recommendation post (which should have been out on Saturday), but I was busy. Anyway, this is the first chapter in a novella that I read and really liked. If you guys haven’t read it, you should. That’s really all I have to say. Know that it takes a twist from what might appear to be a cliché story. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂


To be completely honest, I struggled with this assignment. Not so much the creativity aspect, but just finding the time to do it. Bio and Calc Classes are just driving me up the wall right now. But I got it done. It seems like a good start to my story to me.

I finally decided on a title by the way. Alone and Angry


Driving through the rain, Marie was a little on edge. One would normally think that such a light drizzle would not be a big deal, but for Arizonians, rain meant any kind of water falling from the sky. It made no difference if it was raining cats and dogs or if it was a sprinkle. It did not help that it looked as if the sky was about to explode at any moment with gallons and gallons of rain. Thoughts of what the coming weather…

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