Interview with Anna I

This one is gonna reappear. =P

This one is gonna reappear. =P

Those of you who have arrived after the era of Twist will not know what this is all about, so allow me to explain. Interviews were part of a series I started while writing Twist in which I would go around and “interview” each of the characters based on chapter updates. Naturally it contains spoilers, so if you haven’t read the latest chapter of Cold Hands, don’t read this interview. This is both an exercise for me and a way for you readers to get to know the characters better. Enjoy. 🙂

Interviewer: Hello Anna.

Anna (reservedly): Hello.

Interviewer: A lot of things happened in the latest chapter. What is your overall impression of them?

Anna’s face darkens visibly.

Anna (coldly): If I could go back in time I would go back to when Morpheus was still locked up and kill him myself.

Interviewer: Okay, so you’re obviously upset with Morpheus.

Anna interrupts.

Anna (outraged): Upset? Upset? You think I’m just upset? How would you feel if you were just told that your parents were dead and the very person that told you killed them himself?

Interviewer: I will ask the questions please. You fled off into the woods at the end of the chapter, deserting everyone, including Davey. Why?

Anna (more calmly): It’s not like they are going to kill Davey, seeing as they would have already done so a long time ago if they wished to. Whether my parents were cybernetic beings or not, they were my parents, and they treated me well. One day I will kill M.

Interviewer: You seem very bent on killing M. How do you plan to do that? Seeing as he has beat you in every encounter.

Anna’s face darkens.

Anna (quietly): Every man has his weaknesses. M is not invincible. If I have to kill him in his sleep I will.

Interviewer: You are quite vicious yourself. It has been mentioned several times that you have had combat training, and you’ve proven handy with a weapon. Where did all this come from?

Anna: I spent a lot of my early life learning martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. My Dad always emphasized physical fitness, as did my Mom. In fact it was my Mom who taught me to shoot.

Interviewer: What do you plan on doing now that you have run off into the woods?

Anna: I will survive on my own, recuperate fully, and when I am strong enough, I will hunt M down.

Interviewer: I guess that closes it then. Do you have any final words?

Anna: I’m coming for you, Morpheus.

Tours yruly


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