Flowing Glimmer

Looks kinda lonely doesn't it?

Looks kinda lonely doesn’t it?

So, recently, I read a poem on Anna’s blog. It inspired me to write a complimentary poem, and so I got permission, and here it is. The original is as follows:

Running shimmer on your face
Not a hand to take its place
Bitten lip, pinched brow
If only I could hug you now

If I could, I’d sit by your side
I would kiss you if you cried
Hold my hand ’til the tears are dried
If only I could sit by your side

Hopeful glance to the side
Empty space, unoccupied
Bitter hole gaping wide
Bitter hope nullified

Running shimmer on your face
A timid smile takes its place
No more tears now, I am here now
Wrinkles vanish from your brow

Gentle touch, warm spark
Chases out all the dark
Held close, taking cheer
Don’t worry, darling, I am here

Every tear I kiss away
Keeps every bitter thought at bay
In the dark, a hopeful ray
I’m at your side, here to stay

But then you look off to the side
And see the seat unoccupied
Warmth and cheer nullified

And here is my compliment:

Everywhere you leave a trace
To your side I would make haste
If only I could be there now
Under your window I would prowl

Asking you to let me inside
Just holding you would leave me tongue-tied
Flowing glimmer when you cried
Would’ve kissed it away outside

Moonlight shines on us tonight
On a rooftop lying side by side
Disappears like a wisp of light
Can’t reach the place where we can hide

With elegant beauty and flowing grace
Flowing glimmer left no trace
Don’t wonder why and don’t question how
Leave the dream be where I’m with you now

Arm in arm, stroll through the park
Impressed on each other, left our mark
No need to shiver, no need to fear
Take courage, darling, ‘cause I am here

Hunt you down, where you lay
Where you dwell I want to stay
Be with you ev’ry hour and ev’ry day
I’m there with you when the sky is gray

Reality comes; it’s cold outside
Really there’s nowhere left to hide
Flowing glimmer when you cried
Unable to be there by your side

Sad, heart-wrenching, romantic poems. Gotta love them. XP

Tours yruly


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