Moar Writing Inspiration!

So, here’s some prompts for you guys to base writing off of. That was a confusing sentence. XP Idk, maybe you guys can write short stories or something about these. =P Also, yeah, I did take these- for once. XD

So, I thought this was cool, 'cause it looks- cool XP

So, I thought this was cool, ’cause it looks- cool XP


Might be a bit pretentious to call the above picture “Glory”, but I don’t know, the sort of blinding light, the way it’s almost burning through the trees, reminded me of glory.

Far As the Eye Can See

These are hills right by my house! =D

“Far As the Eye Can See”

So, this is a wide-angle landscape shot of some hills near my house. I got down really low to the ground so you can see the path lead off into the distance. I figured this almost represents a spirit of travel or something like that. Either way, I figured it was nice. 🙂

Another World

Almost looks like it came from the Hobbit…

“Another World”

Sooo…. This is a photo that I really like. It really does look like another world. The soft green complemented by the warm yellow and the flowing tones in the brook make it a really attractive picture I think.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this! Maybe you’ll write something based off of one of them? I don’t know. Either way, I’m out! =P

Tours yruly


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