Thursday’s Word [Week 6]

So, this word is one that I figured was neat enough to be featured for this Thursday. I actually had another word I intended to post, but when I went back and reviewed it, I decided this other word was much more interesting. =P

Week: 6
Word: Xanthic
Definition: “Yellowish” (New Oxford American Dictionary)
Backstory: That has to be the shortest definition for any of these words I’ve had yet. Anyway, I first saw this word on a post here. Believe it or not, pangrams are a great place to find x-words. That is, as long as the author doesn’t cheat and do something like ‘xactly.

Because everyone just loves snakes...

Because everyone just loves snakes…

And there we go, I now have a fancy way of saying something is yellow. XP Once again, a fairly obscure word, but I mean, all these could be used, in the right time and right place. =P

Tours yruly


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