Tuesday’s Song [Week 6]

Oooookay. So we now have week 6 of Tuesday’s Song rolling in. I didn’t forget to schedule the post this time, so you guys should be getting this right around 12:00 AM PST. It’s gonna be great! XD This week we’re going with epic again. Enjoy the song. 

Week: 6
Song name: The Scarlet Dawn
Artist: Varien
Song theme: Orchestral, heavy, industrial, epic.

So, our first repeat artist, and our first repeat genre. This song is pretty neat, just the kind of thing you can picture listening to when say your main walks away from the explosion of the enemy hideout or something cheesy like that. XP


Poll (What sort of song theme would you like next week?)

If you guys put something in the “other” section, tell me what it is in the comments, and if I like it, I’ll add it to next week’s poll.

Tours yruly


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