A Choice

Confoundit. Forgot the picture again. XD

Confoundit. Forgot the picture again. XD

Alright, so we got a bit of an interesting poem here. Basically, you get to choose how this goes. Halfway through, you choose one line, and it changes the meaning of the rest of the poem. Kinda playing on the abstractness of it all I guess. Enjoy. 🙂

They are never clearly cut
Always touch more than they should
Some doors open, others shut
One way pushed, the other pulled
Come when they’re least expected
Torn as far as East and West
Feeling crushed and compacted
Sudden situation shows
Ambiguous decision
An answer nobody knows
Impossible division
It changes all the meaning
A small thing affects the rest
Nothing on it not leaning

Sacrifice in silence


Selfishness in shambles

Unspoken pain fills the void
No one understands what’s wrong
Somewhere something is destroyed
Division now comes along
Consequences unforeseen
Could it not have been the best?
Not what it was meant to mean
In quiet the heart struggles
Just maybe it was not right
Past events the mind juggles
Where’s it gone, all the foresight?
Need to heed the inner voice
It doesn’t have to stay messed
Hiding within is a choice

Tours yruly


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