Thursday’s Word [Week 5]

Alright, so here’s Thursday’s Word with yet another entry. This time I have a different source for this more involved word. While it is still fairly obscure, it does have some interesting uses. Hope this helps!  🙂

Week: 5
Word: Brioche
Definition: “A light, sweet yeast bread typically in the form of a small, round roll” (New Oxford American Dictionary)
Backstory: Well, so far my bias for does not seem to be showing, since this word came from another source entirely. XP I got brioche from a Hercule Poirot book by Agatha Christie that I’m currently reading. Trust me, older books are a great place to learn new words.

Hm... Looks delicious

Hm… Looks delicious

Now, I don’t know exactly how often I will have a character eating a brioche, but when I do, I’ve been equipped with the word to use. XD

Tours yruly


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