Thoughtful Analytical Questions – Third Journal Entry

Hmmm. I think this comes pretty close

Hmmm. I think this comes pretty close to expressing my thoughts XD

Once again, I have missed the journal. XP I think I leave too many things to do Friday night. Probably should do them earlier, but then again, I am a procrastinator, so there you go. Anyway, this is going to be a bit different from my other two journals ’cause in this one I’m not really going to be giving much practical advice or anything. Really this is just me being curious about a few things, especially related to yesterday’s poem.

Now, I’ve been getting a lot of new people to the blog, and that’s great. 😀 But it has also made me curious about different things. For those who don’t know, I am in the process of writing four novels, the chapters of which I post on my blog whenever I’m done writing them. Intermingled with that I do poetry, the occasional short story, featured songs and words, journals, scriptural analysis, and then just random miscellaneous posts. Of all of these, you guys seem to love the poems the best, which honestly has taken me by surprise.

Believe it or not, I come from a background of being dead set against poetry of any form. XP I didn’t really get it, probably hadn’t been exposed to very good poetry anyway, and was too narrow-minded to abandon my precious prose. That has gradually changed, as you can probably see, considering the fact that my “Poetry” category now contains nineteen full-fledged poems. In the process I’ve realized that it is these poems that seem to draw the most attention, and it honestly has me curious about why that is.

The first thing that comes to mind when I’m trying to work out why the poems would be more popular than the chapters for my novels is their length. Poems are, naturally, much shorter and more concise than their prose counterparts. So I figure that it might be because they are much quicker and easier reads that they thus draw so much more attention. On the other hand, I do have my share of short posts (the quote I created yesterday), which are ignored. XP

Of course, poems do have a beauty of their own. They are so much said in so few words. The idea of a well-written poem is one that sparks the imagination, creates in the mind an image, a question. It should be a connection of words that gives rise to emotion and feeling in the reader. So perhaps it is because of this then, that poems are so much more popular. That would also make sense in that they are very similar to songs in that way, and most people have a great appreciation for songs. Poems also remove the chance that a person can dislike it because he or her doesn’t like the particular style of music. But I digress.

If it is because poems are, in a sense, more beautiful than their prose counterparts, I guess I can understand that. But while I was mulling over this dilemma (which isn’t really one worth so much thought), I started wondering if it is because my novels are already in extremely developed stages, and thus it feels like a daunting task to “catch up” to where I currently am at with writing them. Or perhaps it is because of how infrequently I tend to post them. Because unlike poems, the chapters to my novels have to be linked, and delay between chapters can break that link. Perhaps it is also a combination of their length and this “trying to catch up” idea. Of the four novels I’m writing, one has 1,500+ word chapters, another has 2000+ word chapters, yet another has 3000+ word chapters, and I don’t know what the fourth has. XP

And of course, there is a final dread possibility. XD The thought crossed my mind, while I was thinking about this, that it may be because you guys do not like my novels at all. Perhaps it’s the genre, the style, or just my writing that you plain don’t like. So I sat around thinking about that for a while, and I decided that it is very much possible. So, because I am now perplexed by all these different ideas and answers to a fairly simple question, I’ve decided to include a post in which you people can hopefully answer my questions for me.

I think you see now what I meant about this being a different sort of journal post. =P

Tours yruly


4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Analytical Questions – Third Journal Entry

  1. A very thoughtful post…and banish the idea that your writing isn’t enjoyed!
    Hmm…well, I’m reading 2/4 novels, so an even 50%. From what I’ve read, they’re excellently written and extremely entertaining. To anyone else, I recommend reading Cold Hands especially 😉
    Keep up the good poetry ;P
    Anna B.


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