All alone...

All alone…

Just a really short eight-line poem, but I like it. Hope you guys do too.

Isolated and locked away
None know the person, just the name
Secluded behind brick walls night and day
Standing alone, divided by the fame

Made a good choice with bad results
Bound to the outcome forever
Like being grafted to a thousand cults
Freedom will come when the clock reads never

I don’t know why, but I love that last line. XP

Tours yruly


2 thoughts on “Seclusion

    • Ah. Thanks. 🙂 This poem is written really to be many people. In fact, it’s even related to some of the characters in my novels. XP I’m glad that you like it. I’m pretty sure that in the past two days this poem has now become my most liked post. =P

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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