Tuesday’s Song [Week 3]

You guys make things hard for me, what with your three way ties and stuff. XP Anyway, I decided to go with the vote for “funny”, and man was that a tough one to satisfy. I mean, what exactly defines a “funny” song? I found that there’s a fine line between happy and funny, and funky and funny. So I tried to find a song that was a blend of happy and funky. I didn’t want to go with a song that was funny through lyrics or video alone, but one that was truly “funny”. Guess what it ended up in? Another three way tie. *sigh* I hope this satisfies. 

Week: 3
Song name: Excellent Choice
Artist: Stephen Walking
Song theme: Light-hearted (think Saturday morning stroll with a little bit of bounce), funny(?), and maybe a little silly, though only a little.

So this would be my first featured song from Monstercat, another great EDM label. In fact, a lot of these songs will probably end up coming from them. The three way tie, by the way, was three songs all made by this same artist, Stephen Walking. I guess he just has that peculiar flavor to his music. =P


Poll (What sort of song theme would you like next week?)

If you guys put something in the “other” section, tell me what it is in the comments, and if I like it, I’ll add it to next week’s poll.

Tours yruly


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