When Pen Is Put to Paper

Hey look! I was actually original this time.

Hey look! I was actually original this time.

So, this is another piece of writing I did for Advanced Composition. It technically is still a draft but I figure I’ve edited it enough to post here. The assignment was to write a Cause and Effect composition. This is what I wrote in response to the question, “Why do people write?” Hopefully you guys like my insights. I realize now that I actually became quite emotionally involved while writing this. XP Anyway, enjoy. 🙂

With increasing literacy, most everyone has read some sort of book, and many have read at least one work of fiction. All these novels, these collections of words, come from an author, an author who had an idea that needed to find its way onto paper, digital or physical, and thus get shared with the rest of the world. While I cannot come close to laying claim to the title author, I will call myself a writer. This appellation I daresay I deserve. How would I define a writer? I define it as someone who writes because of that mystical drive that all members of this curious group share, someone who writes not when he or she has to, but when he or she desires to. Those who consider writing a chore always seem mystified and confused when I talk of this strange “desire to write.” It took me a while before I finally understood how, what to me feels natural, appears as an incongruity with the rest of humanity. Yet my drive to pen a work comes from a simple source. When a writer touches his or her pen tip to a piece of paper and allows thoughts to flow, it results in a form of transmission, a method by which the imaginings and ideas of the writer can pervade the consciousness of a fellow being.

Sadly, while I do not like to think people have debased the artistic form of writing to something as low as a method to make money, I cannot deny some use it that way. Mainstream fiction has infiltrated the teen culture with stories and books of low quality that exist merely to bring in revenue. Marketing patterns exist everywhere. If an author pens a trilogy and it turns into a success, many will write a fourth book, a prequel to the original three, just to scrape in more money. I cannot say I would not do the same, but if a writer’s main and only drive to create a work of words lies only in the pursuit of wealth, I stand ready to accuse that person of not deserving the title of writer at all.

I say a writer should write because of an internal desire. Some wonder why go to all the time and effort penning something few may ever read? My answer to them might sound a little like, “I enjoy telling stories.” That may seem abstract, but where madness exists, method can creep in. Ever heard the phrase, “Let your imagination run wild”? As a kid, I took that literally and created all kinds of stories. For a long time those stories stayed in my head, but when I grew bold enough to attempt writing them out, I realized sharing those stories with others, showing them what I imagined, getting their reactions, makes the effort worth it a thousand times over.

Another reason I write stems from my wish to educate, to teach, to contribute the little knowledge I possess into the pool of thought out there. While I have not yet created a large work for this purpose, I have written smaller pieces for this very reason. Writing really lends itself as a medium for sharing. I use it to share any knowledge I have gathered with all who wish to learn. Idealistically everyone should have a chance at learning, and while my small works may have little to no effect, even drops of water can create oceans.

Without question, writing stands proud and tall in the ranks of art forms as an equal. Wordcraft has a delightful pulchritude of its own. Just as music or paintings can carry emotion, written works bear with them the author’s passion. I find the beauty in a carefully created sentence as comparable to that of an elegant brushstroke or melodic chord progression. Possessing the ability to communicate and share my ideas and inspiration with any who may care to take the time to peruse my writing brings me all the reward I need. It does not matter whether or not thousands read what I have written, the one person who receives what I have to offer makes all the effort worth it.

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4 thoughts on “When Pen Is Put to Paper

  1. *zooms in on picture to investigate bookshelf and notebook and wordlists on the wall before reading the post* 0=) OHHEYTHAT’S MY HOBBIT COPY. Whoever gifted it made a good choice. =D And this is apparently the week of destroyed mental images of TPSers–for one thing, I pictured you blond. =P Annnyway. *applauds post, especially that last paragraph*


    • lol. Yeah, it was a nice Christmas gift to receive. XD I’m gonna start reading it soon, promise. =P lol, yeah, I’m the farthest thing from blond. Glad you like the post. Last paragraph is my favorite too.

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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