Not Enough

Another piece of poetry by me, ’cause you guys seem to enjoy that. XP This one is less dark than the others, but it makes up for it in other ways (I hope). I experimented around a little with some repetition in threes. I think the effect is pretty cool. Hope you guys agree. Enjoy. 🙂

Everything that you do
It’s all for a specific reason
Just want a good debut
You just long to have a good season

But anything you do
Fails miserably for some reason
Flunked before the debut
Not one success out of four seasons

Yet there is more to do
That fact stands above any reason
There’s more than one debut
With every fall you’re made more seasoned

But it’s not enough
Never enough
And when it’s finally enough
It’s still lacking

Y’know what’s missing from this post? A picture. I guess you could say that it’s…not…enough. Sorry. Horrible joke, I know. XD

Tours yruly


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