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Tada! I made a table XD

Tada! I made a table XD

So obviously, I’m not a very regular person. That should be evinced by the dip in my posts and then the sudden rise. However, I  feel that it’s essential I put some sort of schedule into my writing, and I’ve started with the Tuesday’s Song posts and actually an upcoming post tomorrow which will be Thursday’s Word. I also am seriously considering doing a weekly journal every Friday that would get released sometime Friday night and be a random reflection on my week or a specific event or theme. On Sunday I would also like to do something scripturally related. Between these, Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, I plan to post “fun stuff”. Basically, anything I set my mind to. Mainly short stories, chapters for my novels (I’m chugging away at chapter 14 of Cold Hands guys, honest!), and just random miscellaneous stuff I feel like sharing with you guys. Hopefully, the final result of this will be that I average out to at least one post a day. It’s a tall order, and I might miss some days, but I hope to make up for missing those days by posting extra on other days. Thank you all for staying with me and reading what I write. It really is a big encouragement, and I don’t emphasize that enough. Really, thank you guys so much. 🙂

Tours yruly


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