What in pink carnations, Michael?

Yah, flowers.

Yah, flowers.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. What ever happened to me and NaNoWriMo? Well, I’m gonna come clean and say I gave up. If I went into detail for all the reasons why, you’d be here for three years. Suffice to say, school was too much, my personal life experienced a lot of change, other priorities came up, and I just cannot force myself to write if I don’t feel like it. I started writing because I enjoyed it, because I want to share my stories with others. If I had nothing else to do all November, but write, yeah, maybe NaNoWriMo would’ve been possible for me, but no. I’m not going to make writing become a chore for myself.

Alright, now that I’ve got my excuses over with, what’s happening to Unseen: Right Behind You and all my other stories? The answer is simple, I’m still gonna be writing ’em, but slowly, at my own pace. I burnt my creative writing energy out, and so I need time to recover. In addition to that, school also starts tomorrow, and so I’ll need time to shrug back onto my back and get it all adjusted properly.

Also, yeah, I did say “What in pink carnations”. Deal with it.

Tours yruly 


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