Soul’s Shadow

Mind and Soul

Yes, I am eventually going to get to the Best Blogging Buddies Award. XD But I was inspired to write this poem, and so I did. It’s like a combat between mind and soul sort of thing. ;D It’s also thirty-six lines. 😀 There is also a little thingy in there. At the end of each verse there is one word. The first word is one syllable, the second word is two syllables, the third word is three, and the fourth is four. 🙂 They also spell out a word if you look at the first letter of each word. It spells “Dyad.” It’s kind of supposed to mean a pair. At least, that’s what I gathered. =P I threw it in there to kind of represent how the soul and mind are a counteracting duo. 🙂 Also, I’m adding this after I’ve posted it, but try reading the 12 syllable lines by themselves as one poem and try reading the 3 syllable lines by themselves as one poem. Cool huh? It’s three poems in one! 😀


You do not see what lies in the depths of my soul

No one knows

The air around me is warm but my skin is cold

My heart froze

Specters of the past lurk behind secret corners

Pulse just slows

Conflict rages within me like turgid waters

None are close



My heart cries for fulfillment of its desire

Mind denies

I could almost forget I am just a liar

That’s unwise

What can really be wrong when it all feels so right?

Take advice

There cannot be darkness outside, it is not night

It’s all lies



The past lies behind, but I cannot step forward

Just let go

Memories haunt me, I am constantly tortured

None will know

I am a time bomb simply waiting to explode

Time is slow

Everything around me is about to implode

Face your foe



I prepared myself through time immeasurable

All in vain

Felt sure I was set for the inevitable

Can’t constrain

But I deceived my heart, was so oblivious

Don’t want pain

The facts are now all blatantly conspicuous

Feel insane



Tours yruly


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